Thursday, 11 May 2017

Japan Day 11 - Fancy Trains and Double Baths

Today we said farewell to Kyoto which was fun but honestly a bit more of a chilly reception then Tokyo or Fuji. Perhaps it's just that the worst sorts of tourists tend flock there (or at least were there on the few days we were there) or the fact that it really is still stuck in some old ways. Either way we headed off to the first of two Onsens in a row.
The one we're currently at is in Amagase and let me just say now it is stunning. Our room (cause a group of 7 is too much to fit into one room) has a private bath which each of us used almost immediatey on arrival. It was outside which was new but the view of the falls was lovely... could have done without the bigs but hey you win some you lose some.
After that it was time for the meal. I was dreading this since I am extremely picky... and we are a good 30 min trek up a mountain away from any stores. Considering food would be hard to come by I really hoped to be abel to eat something for dinner.
And i did! Kind of...
There was this super smooth tofu at the start which was pretty good... tofu i've had before this has always had a bitterness but this didn't have that.
There was some pickled chunks of ginger which i really liked but they only give you two.
There was this deep fried whole fish which i did eat but not the head or tail... sorry i have limits.
There was raw tuna and mackrel.... i tried to tuna cause i figured out of all of them i could maybe stomach it raw.
I was wrong... i will never like raw fish this is just something i need to stop even trying.
There was this shrimp egg dumpling thing which was pretty good... there was a clam soup thing which i didn't like.
 In the end i did try almost everything that looked even remotely tasty but i did have to rely on Matt, Cristian and Bram to finish the plates.
Then after the meal a reserved bath! Couldn't stay in too long since i was already warm but it was still enjoyable (i still prefer my private bath though. )
We are here for one more night then off to Hitoyoshi where Marise and i will ditch the group and check out the the town.
But hey at least we have wifi

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