Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Japan Day 2 - Pushing the Limits

so for our first few days we are in tokyo... and wow there is a lot to do while we are here and today was another jam packed day and my feet hate me for it.

We woke up at 5 again, Some people feel that's early but it all seems to be the sleep schedular we are stuck with for now.
We did have a nice chance to relax and eat breakfast and plan the rest of the day.

However today was slightly different from yesterday, Marise and I would be going on an adventure alone.... in tokyo.... Ikebukuro to be precise.
Fun fact: I have little to no sense of direction... Marise is better but has never been here before so it's hard to get bearings.
So needless to say we got very very lost... but after a little adventure we eventually made it to our first destination.

Because Anniversary years are celebrated for popular shows Yu yu hakusho, Marise's favourite show, got a themed cafe.
Problem was it was reserve only and you had to be a member with the store... since google tranlate isn't the best so it sounded like there may be a way to in through general admittance if there was room... we went to test the theory.
Long story short no they really wont let anyone in even if the cafe was mostly empty... oh well we tried... and at least the 3rd floor shop to go with the cafe was open and marise got some mercy she wanted (though everything was a blind pull so that was more based on luck then anything else.

Next we headed to Namjatown.... getting to the store it's in is easy..... finding Namjatown itself is hard.
So as we are once again lost we see a store. "Tsutaya" it wasn't marked on the map as one of the stores with the collab goods from Yu yu hakusho but we figure why not give it a try.
Well they didn't have it, but they did have a banpresto draw for some Natsume yuujinchou glasses... and there was this really pretty glass that i hoped for and in the end i drew the proper letter. I was so happy!

After that we went back to finding Namjatown town and wow.... i know the description is "amusement park" and i had no idea how that could be in a mall but it was.
Now we went there for the Yuri on Ice Cafe... which we both though was like... a single ordering spot and then single eating area.
Turns out no, that's not what it is at all. See Namjatown town has all these mini food stalls and each food stall could have a chance of having one of the yuri on ice food items.
Both marise and i ended up getting the Katsudon Peroski for our lunch and then she got the Maccachin crepe for dessert and i got cake with the theme of love flag in it (I took a ton of pictures)
The thing about the crepe is first off it wants you to literally bite the head off a dog... which is pipped so adorably.... but then there is also strawberry syrup running thought the middle.... yeah i don't think they completely thought this through.
My cake was really good, simple spong but with layers of what i think was banana in between the layers.... the macaroons on the side were a bit dry but i don't expect patisserie level macaroons out of a little collab cafe.
After stuff our face with delicious treats we headed to the gift show where once again.... everything was blind pull.
Ok that's not entirely accurate.
There were some things like acrylic stands that could be outright bought but considering that it's nearing the end of the event there were only a few characters to pick from.
So i took a chance.
I got a few blind pulls for these exclusive namjatown yuri on ice things and a blind pull from the kiss cry set.

I just so happpened to get Yuuri, Victor, JJ (which i guess is kinda funny cause i'm canadian) and the kids cry was Yurio wearing the cat ears.
Honestly i don't think I could have picked it better myself lol.

After a quick stop to the neighbhoring pokemon centre (more so out of curiosity to see one then anything else.) we finally decided to wander back and try and meet up with friends. However it ha only been about half a day and our feet were already dying. Hopefully we would get to sit soon (spoilers no... no sitting)

We made our way to the Hachiko statue which had a large group of tourist around it taking pics. We didn't stay long and went to another Tsutaya that was marked on our map but alas it was all sold out of the Yu Yu Hakusho goods.

After that we went to Nakano broadway which is like a huge mall full of all kinds of goods (some second hand or rare) however by this point th pain in our feet was so bad it was hard to think and eventually we just tried to find a good plan to sit. (Ended up picking a McDonalds)

However our day was not nearly done yet! We still had a reservation for the Dragon Quest pub (Ludia's bar) and the best part? It's a standing bar : D
Still the food was great and the theming was really fun and again i took a ton of pictures. (Funnily though my camera still says i have 9999 shots left so.... yay~

We bought an obscene amount of food and ended up staring it semi family style... we accidentally ordered the wrong dessert (cause it's based on numbers) but it was a declicious mistake. And then after all that we dragged ourselves back home and proceeded to all pass out even though it was only like... 9.
I did manage to make it to 10 but just barely.

Tomorrow will be more chill... it has to be cause i can't keep up this pace.
The goal for tomorrow is go to HMM and the eccentric family cafe. Hopefully the start of golden week doesn't make either of those too nightmarish.

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