Monday, 22 May 2017

Japan Day 21 - Canada Day 10421

I meant to do this after getting back yesterday but nope... was just too loopy.

The day of the final day was a bit surreal. We were all making sure that two things were accomplish.

1. we were all packed and leaving the place pretty much how i came
2. we ate all the food we couldn't take with us to the airport or Canada.

After accomplishing these two things Keiko stopped by and walked us to the station and bid us a safe flight.
Our flight wasn't till 5ish but we didn't want to risk anythign so we just went to the airport early. I think for most of us 21 days is plenty of time to do what we needed and we all just wanted to get home at this point.

At least the flight home was direct.... thats just about the only kind thing i can say about the flight though.

I have learned that i can deal with my anxiety when playing... the turbulence still sucks but i'm not a mass of tears.
What i can't handle is a asshole behind me digging his knees into the back of my seat for 12 hours... but if it was just that i maybe could have gotten some rest on the plane.
BUT it wasn't just that, douche bag infront of me from the very start of the flight pushed his chair so far back i heard cracking... and every half hour or so he'd try to push it further. I wasn't too worried about the chair actually breaking but it was annoying cause i had the tray down to watch movies on my tablet and it was pretty much poking into be for 12 hours.
but thats not even all of it.
A fligth attendant knew the dumbass behind me so for portions of the trip where there chatted he used my chair as an anchor and had the bonus of being a hand talker.
so yeah no sleep.... but the food headign to japan hadn't been terrible... maybe this would be the high point.
ha ha ha.... no.

Sure air plane food is known for being pretty awful but this was bordering inedible.... in fact out of the 3 meals i only ate 1..... and some cookies.

However the flight itself wasn't too bad... occasional bits of toubulance but nothing like the first flight had.

Getting thrug hthe airport in Canada was easy for me because i managed to do this entire trip on one carry on rolly luggage and my purse. still i waited with my friends for their luggage since i needed to wait for my ride as it was.

Customs was also far less painless then i thought it would be, a lot of "ok now go here" but in the end a pleasant experience overall.

Now that hard part began.

We left japan around 5 pm on the 21st.
We arrived in Canada at 4 pm on the 21st.... and in order to help my sleep schedule go back to normal... i would at least need to stay up till 10. by the up already been up around 24 hours... and anyone who knows me knows i like sleep.

Luckily I had some tea waiting for me when i got in the car (which was the best welcome home present anyone could give me ever) and lots of stories to tell while fighting off the sleep.

I gave my families their souvineers... ate and then the rest gets a little fuzzy... i know i did stay up till about 9:30.... and i woke up at 4.... not the best start but i should be able to get back to normal in a day or two at least.

The best part of coming home was the reaction from my cats,  iwas expecting them to be cold nad distant but they were all over me right away and very tolerant of my constant snuggles.

The plan now that i'm back in Canada is simple.

1. Work on art for the zine, i've got my two mockups done i just need approval.
2. Play all the games.... between Persona 5, trails in the sky the 3rd and fire emblem i have a bti to catch up on.
3. Catch up on 3 weeks of anime, specifically natsume yuujinchou cause 2 of the episodes that aired i have been waiting for years (and what i saw of the fandom reaction was glorious)

So yeah the daily blogs have come to an end but still lots of stuff in the future.
(also i may do a post mortem blog in a few days with pictures to just wrap my thoughts abotu the trip up.... i just need to recover first)

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