Monday, 1 February 2016

Light novel: Durarara vol 2 and Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon vol4

that stupid stupid long title...

anyways i kinda forgot these came out so i read them one after the other.

Durarara vol 2
Really good, this time we focus more on the Saika arc... since the novels are less intertwined then the show it is a interesting new look at it all. The writing is solid and i love seeing more of these characters.
looking forward to vol 3 in march... if you like the show i completely recommend the books, if the show was a bit too non-linear for you but you like to concept read the books....

Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon vol 4
Well this was a disappointment.
I have only read a few light novels but this volume of this series actually pissed me off.
i know it's a long series but every book should have a climax.
a point that makes you remember it.
The haruhi suzumiya books all have a point.... and it's 10 volumes long... this book has no excuse.
in vol 4 we are introduced to the blacksmith... thats it.
now having seen the show i know what happens next and had that been added to this book it would have been longer then a two hour read AND would have given everything a point.
when i got to the epilogue and i was only 75% through... i was not happy.
there are two side chapters tacked on the end and they are cute BUT there is no excuse for a story that felt like it could have taken 1-2 episodes to take an entire book.
volume 5 will be good and should get us pretty close to where the show ended... but if there are more filler volumes like this i'm going to have issues with that.
i mean the main antagonist has like... half a page total of being there.... thats it....
still a cute series with a terrible name but yeah this volume was disappointing.

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