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Completed in the past: Yumeiro Patissiere

Thanks to work stopping my from finishing much of anything i figure i should randomly pop in and review shows i've seen but probably wont watch again any time soon.

i wont be able to remember exact details but that's better then nothing... right?

Alright My personal history with this show:
I like shoujo Anime.... a lot.... and you don't get much girlier then Yumeiro Patissiete (YP from ehre on out)... if the big eyes... odd proportions and fairies weren't enough to let you know that this was the girliest show you've seen in a while i don't know what to tell you.

This was the show to make me become a subscriber on crunchyroll.... not because it's super good or anything.... it just ended up on a cliffhanger and i hate waiting.... oh and it was cheaper then netflix with more selection and nice HD videos.... so yeah....

It has two seasons.... YP and YP Professional (YPP from here on cause yeah.... i don't like that i'll spell patissiere wrong every time.

alrigth so i'll review each part on it's own because it's kinda hard to lump them together...

Also a quick note, this show used to be on crunchyroll but i think they lost the license and no one (as far as i know) has picked it up so yeah.... i don't think theres a legal way to watch it.... i could be wrong.... point is i watched it legally a while back and i wanna talk about it... because of reasons.


Yumeiro Patissiere:

# of episodes: 50

Intro song: Terrible.... i don't knwo what it is about shoujo anime aimed at a younger audience but they intro and ending songs are almost always ear gratingly annoying....

Ending: ugh it's not good but it's better then the intro song.... not saying much though

the story... or what i remember of it:
The story follow Ichigo, a young girl with an amazing pallet, as she joins pastry chef school... unfortunately she finds out really fast that passion and one skill is not enough to be decent... but since she was scouted by the owner of the school.... or someone important in the school... (read as unrequited love interest) anyways... due to being scouted everyone expects this prodigy
and she sucks...
I mean what kid can't make a perfect mille crepe on their first try... am i right?
because she can see fairies!

i should explain.... see there are these fairies that partner up with talented humans and work to improve their skill so they can be personal pasty chefs to the queen of the fairies...
anyways she works hard and gets put in with the top group and they don't accept her blah blah blah but seeing as they are all boys.... um... more on that later... maybe.... anyways they all kinda fall in love with her.... some moreso then others.

there the Japanese sweets one.... makes sense they are in japan.... his ark involves learning to take what he knows from growing up in a sweet shop and applying it to other techniques.
The... um... green haired rose loving one.... i just remember him for being really effeminate and liking flowers.... a lot.... he had an interesting episode where he tries to make a cake that tastes like roses without being perfumy..... but i worked in a grocery store many years ago so just seeing rose water reminds me of that smell and it makes me sick.
the blond chocolate kid who is the main love interest because he is a tsundere.... his arc involves opening up and trusting others
then theres the previously mentioned guy who scouted her but never seems to be arround love interest.... never liked this character so i don't remember him much *shrug*

The good:
Lots of episodes means lots of fun facts about different kinds of cakes, unlike kitchen princess (which maybe i'll talk about on day) it doesn't give you the recipes but it shows how tricky something can be...
lots of fun characters and the only reason i don't remember half of them is cause it's been a long time since i saw the show.
the character arcs take a while to develop which is nice.... nothing worse then rushing things like a stoic character  learning to trust others. though random 'evil' chefs were kinda silly... and they weren't really evil.... just mean i guess....

The not so good:
Other then Ichigo and the main love interest i barely remember this show.... it's cute and all but kind of forgettable... it's only been 2 years since i saw it and my memory isn't that bad.

The terrible:
It's targeted to children.... yes it's petty but again i'm not a big believer in kids shows.... i'd rather it be something kids can enjoy and then maybe watch later to realize how deep it is and like it as an adult. Thats just me but yeah 

The stupid  fairies.... this show would be so much better without the stupid fairies.... i dunno it's just too Shugo Chara for me.... another show i think would be better sans faries but the fairies have to be there for that show to work so i forgive it..... but yeah the fairies are annoying and useless and serve no purpose in the plot other then using their magic to fix certain situations.... showing that she got better because she took the skills she currently had to improve on other aspects would have been so much better.... maybe i'm just biased? probably...

did i like it? yeah it's cute but flawed but a lot of fun in the end..... so how did season two fare?

Yumeiro Patissiere Professional: 

# of eps: 13

Intro song: one of my favorite intro songs of all time.... right up there with Ano hi time machine.... its not even the kind of music i tend to like but i love it.... Sweet romance... go listen to it (though you probably wont like it as much as i do.... i don't even know why i like it)

Endign song: one of my favorite endign songs.... right up there with Take off.... again not normally the kind of music i like but it;s a lot of fun and the full version is so catchy. Home made happy is the name of the song....

A few years (4 or 5) have passed since the end of season 1.... Ichigo is all grown up and having spent a few years (or maybe just one) in paris she comes back to the original school and sees all the Boys(?) grown up.
The japanese sweets one is still making japanese sweets.... his hair is longer and he pushes himself too hard.....
and thats all i remember of him.
The green hair boy is tryign to be more and more of a girl.....
and thats all i remember of him
The main love interest is still the main love interest BUT NOW HE HAS COMPETITION!!!
theres an american boy.....
and thast competition.... because..... he likes Ichigo
... yeah i barely remember him ause he didn't need to be there.

anyways the thing with this season is theres a sweets town where everyon owns a shop and each week... erm... month... cant remember... anyways who ever does the worst needs to close up.

OR thats what the season would have been about if they had longer then 13 episodes.... i have a theory that this show wasn't doing well and got cancelled... because it's all going at a decent pace untill the last few episodes where all the character development happens... litterally
"OMG i actually love you all along"
"yay i am happy : ) "
"me too"
"the end~"
in like one ep.... out of nowhere.

so yeah...

The good:
this season despite the length is more enjoyable then the first season cause yes it's still aimed at children but they have grown up and are dealing with more real life problems... and not so much focus on the fairies which is a welcome bonus.

The not so good:
Fairies while not the focus are still there.... ugh just go away!

The terrible:
the pacing sucks.... it is so rushed at the end and i feels like a "oh no we have been cancelled but we have all this character development to happe nwhat do we do?"
maybe thast not the case but considering season 1 got 50 episodes.... i have a strong feeling that i'm not completely wrong.

Do i still reccomend it?
yep...... but you can't watch legally (as far as i know) anymore so.... yeah.... if you like super girly stuff or baking.... then give it a shot.... if not stay away from it you will hate it.

Side note: art and story by the same person who did St. Dragon girl.... a manga i will eventually talk about.... 

so um.... yeah.... my grammar is probably worse then normal in this, i apologize but i am really sick at the moment so yeah... lots of rambling... sorry

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