Friday, 17 August 2012

Completed: Durarara!!

aka Drrrrr!! and apparently Dulalala... odd titles are odd.

First - I went into this show knowing nothing more then a lot of people liked it and there was a girl with no head who had a cat ears helmet.

Second - i know the show is older but i just noticed it on crunchyroll now so yeah... figured why not.

third - I will try not to spoil anything.... no promises.

Durarara is a show about....
it's about.... *sighs* how does one decribe Durarara without spoilers.
OH i know!
Durarara is a show about non linear story telling and how it can be done really really well. Despite the fact that you see some part multiple times (from different standpoints or with more knowledge of the situation) and it never gets stale... well at least not for me.
Durarara is about the perception of your ordinary life and how it shifts depending on who we surround yourself with.
and most importantly.... Durarara is about one crazy town in Japan....

and i think that is about as spoiler free as it gets.

The good:
I really like the first ending song.... i guess i'm just in a boy band sound mood when it coems to Jpop cause yeah i also really liked Take off which is the first ending to Blue exorcist... but it soundsl ike your typical boy band sound.... *shrugs* whatever i like it... it's fun.... Second intro is good too but yeah fav song is first ending.

Like i mentioned before this is Non-linear story telling done Almost perfectly. i'll get into where it falls short a little later.

The characters are so enjoyable and so full of personality.... though again there is one thing that annoyed me about a few characters and i'll get into that later.

The style... it's a little more rubbery then i tend to like but in this world it works and it's always fun to see style that vary from the moe crap out there.

The not so good: 
While most of the score is really good... there were a few songs that took me right out of the show damn near instantly mostly cause they felt like they should have been in a different show altogether.

A lot of characters have stalker character traits.... even worse then that a few are rewarded for being like this. Um.... being a stalker is fine as a narrative device if one character has it.... maybe two? it can be shocking and scary.... but when 4-5 people have it and one of them actually in a sense gets rewarded for it... that's where i start to take issue... i personally hate when it gets used at all but considering the content of the show i see why they used it as much as they did. i could just be reading too much into this but it;s how i feel.

The end... there is a huge plot line that i found really interesting that is kinda dropped.... just when you think it's getting more important it just gets pushed to the side for the main story line.... see thast the problem with non-linear stories... you can have a TON of side stories and they can easily not get as much attention as you're hoping for. but who knows... the manga could go more into it... i don't know i haven't read it. now thats not to say the ending is bad... in fact it's really good.... i just hate the big ass plot point that they decided to ignore.

It's a little predictable... in fact i predicted every major plot point despite going in with no prior knowledge.... which is funny cause damn near everyone i talk to says it starts off too confusing.... maybe i'm just weird and read too many stories with twists and turns *here's looking at you Brent Weeks*

The bad: 
It's impossible to talk about this show without giving something away : (
i like talking about shows when i finish them.... so yeah... it's making my life harder

The Annoying.... but only to me: 
*sobs* no... not again.... i just.... i just finished a show with you in it Hiroshi Kamiya.... you are like the Jhonny Yong Bosch... a really good actor and in every show ever....
*looks at My anime list* .... hell you two even play the same character in this....
so yeah.... Hiroshi Kamiya plays Izaya Orihara in this.... so every single time he spoke all i could hear was a really mean Natsume in my head.
in fact when he first spoke i blinked.... i couldn't believe it so i checked right away... and yeah.... there he was again.... i honestly didn't play to watch so many shows in a row with him there.... *plans to watch eden of the east next but is checking first* looks like i'm safe

Side note: Miyuki Sawashiro is also coming up in a lot of shows i watch... she was in Kimi ni todoke as one of the friends, she was in angel beats at the first lead singer and she's in this as Celty.... she has a distinctive voice... also in kokoro conenct... how could i forget that... and she's Sasada from natsume.... how did i not notice that? well probably cause sasada isn't my fav... hm... anyway luckily since i see her in so many things at once i will probably not have the same issues as i do with Jhonny yong bosch or Hiroshi Kamiya but who knows.

I can't be the only one who does this with voices or actors... *sighs* right?

oh well... do i recommend the show.... YES but.... understand it's not for everyone.... i can see what it's so popular but i can also see why some don't like it.... all i can say is if you can try to watch at least half of it and it think you'll like it.... but thats a lot to ask from someone.

so yeah... unfortunately work keeps me from finishing novels or games for a while but i'll find time for them... eventually *sighs* right now i need to focus on getting over this cold.

what did you think if Durarara? love it? hate it? completely indifferent? please let me know~ i love to hear peoples opinions.

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