Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Completed: Usagi Drops

or as NISA called it "bunny drops"

now i swear i wrote one of these for it.... but i can't find it so it either never got moved her from Tumblr or i'm going crazy.... hm... well both are possible....

Daikichi is a 29 year old bachelor, he wakes up to the sad news that his grandfather whom he hasn't seen in a while has died. When he goes to the funeral theres a small girl there, who's name is Rin, it's odd because she doesn't match the description of any family members kids... oh well.
Well apparently the girl is the illegitimate child of his late grandfather.... who would have guessed. She's a little odd and so shy she isn't really speaking and none of the family members want to take her in cause it's a huge responsibility.
When talk of an orphanage comes up Daikichi stands his ground and asks the girl is she want to coem home with him... they seem to get along anyways...

so the premise of the show is dealign with a life changing situation like taking in a child and how it can affect the life you percieved to be normal.

This show is Pure slice of life.... you see about a years time just of random things. Going to kindergarten... balancing work and school.... learning how to do hairdos.... simple things that in and of themselves aren't that interesting but the end product is the sweet short show with a lot of heart.

The good: 
the animation is really different and the parts before the intro song look like a movign watercolour painting and it just.... looks like nothing i've seen before.
It pulls tears but isn't a tearjerker.... things are said by characters that would/have been said by real people in the same situation.... this show has some incredibly real moments... and they are heart breaking.... but unlike clannad it doesn't harp on them (granted i love clannad and it's constant goal to have you a sobbign mess for 50ish episodes.)
the music is subtle but sweet and yeah... i can't seem to go without mentioning the music somewhere.

The not so good: 
I want more : ( the dvd came with 4 bonus short episodes that i hadn't seen before and they were pure adorable but i still want more... i know there is a live actin version of this story and i haven't seen it but i really want to.
While Rin has some incredibly real moments she also doesn't really act like a kid HOWEVER i forgive this because she was raised by an old man for 6 years... still it's a little odd in places.

The bad: 
.... hm.... yeah i got nothing.... well other then harping on the length but i have a feelign the manga keeps going... i don't know i havn't read it.
oh and side 'bad' thing.... my dvd palyer wouldn't play more then 4 eps on a disk or any of the bonus stuff so i had to finish it on my comp.... but i think thats moreso my dvd player dying then any fault to NISA.

Art book that comes with the premium edition is so pretty.... next to zakuro it's my fav so far... i promise that will change once the Natsume one arrives (only a short while after my birthday to boot!) but for now it's the prettiest....

so yeah the Blue ray dvd combopack premium edition sells for 55 at NISA online, it's the entire season plus 4 extra mini episodes.... mine came with a magnet frame but that was a first come first serve thing so i don't know/can't promise if they have anymore. i think it's worth every penny.... but i really like buyign nisa boxes (cause they are actually boxes and now flimsy cardboard BS that sells for 70-90 bucks *heres looking at you most other anime licensing companies*)

anyways time to finally kick this cold i think (well i hope since i'm out of antibiotic now.... and if i get worse i'm screwed....)

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