Saturday, 1 September 2012

Reliance -From Start to Finish-

this started out as a random sketch, i wanted to draw the character formally known as Kurai as a kid.... so i did ad i came up with
ebcause it was just a skecth i was pretty lazy with everything but i had fun with the concept so i decided to continue on with it and inked it.... i was worried that if i go too long without doing some art i'd fall into art block so yeah.... just trying to stave that off.
so yeah lots of things in this changed... the lines are still pretty lazy but i just wanted to be kind of loose with them. it's odd though i ended up inking him as if he's looking at the clutching he's clinging to and not the viewer.... still i figure why not have fun with the colouring and try some new things specifically texture and upping the contrast.

so this was a little over halfway, figured its a good idea to document the piece as i'm going.... though it just shows i'm being bad and not naming layers again which i used to do all the time but yeah i ended up going for very primary colour focused piece... i think it works cause it helps the kid stand out more against his very cool surroundings... though i tend to stick to one or two focused colours so i'm always scared when i add a third.... all thanks to my high school teacher saying the fewer colours the better lol
oh well...

final result!
i couldn't figure out what i wanted in the BG... originally i had clouds.... then trees but then it just ended up blue with the hops of making the kid pop out from his surrounding with colour contrast. I had a lot of fun with this.... in total it probably took 4-5 hours and i dont tend to spend that long on anything but i was really focusing on trying things i don't normal do. so yeah pretty happy with it but i look forward to starting the next thing.

it can be seen on
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