Monday, 10 September 2012

First Impression: Nayuta no Kiseki

so.... as i have mentioned before.... i can be a bit of a fangirl when it comes to falcom games.
however other then Vantage master (which is still in it's wrapping) and Ys vs Sora no Kiseki: alternative saga i kind of refused to import Falcom.....

My friend imports lots of games.... and recently he made me really jealous by importing  Nayuta no Kiseki, one of the newest Non-Ys Falcom games.

Now in my reviews i've mentioned that Ys doesn't really need a story.... it's there, it's good but the game is still fun without it.

The legend of heroes games (and this which is a spin off but not a legend of heroes game... cause it's not turn based.... apaprently) are a different thing.... they are HEAVILY based in story.

So i pop the game in... have to update psp... of course.... i barely play the thing so almost every single time i have to update when i get a new game. Anyways start the game, no opening movie...thast fine... bump up the music and voice level.. .cause falcom has amazing music and the voice acting will be the only way i can get the gist of the story.

voice actign right off the bat~ yay

after fist bit..... no voice acting..... dammit....

so now i'm trying to read this stuff outload cause i need to hear it to understand it...
but there is so much kanji which i can't even guess at.

so yeah that is my base first impression..... i'm barely going to have an idea of what the plot is uless theres more voice acting... which i have been told there isn't too much.

WHY did i let him talk me into borrowing a game i can't read?!

what... combat? not there yet.... and i gotta pass out... long day at work (13 hours or so) was long~
unless i'm reading blinding knife i'll probably get to combat tomorrow

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