Sunday, 30 September 2012

Completed: Hakuoki Reimeiroku

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wow these past few days i've been feeling kind of like a broken record.

Hakuoki Reimeiroku is about a group of mercenaries... town gards... samurai... known as the shisengumi.
however we mainly focus on this one guy who is found near dead on the side of the road.
he is forces to work for the man who found him despite the constant berating and hitting.
Eventually they are told about a drink that turns humans in furies but if it could be tones down or controlled maybe it could make stronger fighters...

and then it kind of ends without any resolution.... which made me think that maybe it has a season 2 lines up.... but the end of the episode said "the end" so yeah... i don't know.

The good: 
The art and animation is just so pretty, maybe i'm just a sucker for stories told in the past but it's just so pretty to look at. The music is good.... especially the intro song and the ending... the intro reminds me a bit of something JDK would do so that probably adds to why i like it.
The characters are interesting and all have their own look.

The not so good:
it's all kinda pointless.... i mean... there isn't much of a plot arc... and then when the conflict starts showing up.... it just ends.... i want to know what happens after a certain event... if it does have a second season then i will forgive this point.

The bad: 
it tries to make the worst character in the show sympathetic.... no... i'm sorry.... you almost had me till he did that thing at the end and that was it..... i get that he did it so others wouldn't but that doesn't change the fact that the simple action makes his character irredeemable... and yes... i get it... that was the point... i don't care...

Do i reccomend it? 
maybe.... if it had a bit more focus on plot then yes i would whole heartily recommend this show but it doesn't.... and it leaves too many loose ends.... still it's over at crunchyroll so you can watch an episode and give it a try.

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