Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Completed: Uncut Sailor moon R

so.... i had actually drawn some art for this review....
but then my computer (more specifically windows) decided it didn't want to work anymore and wouldn't let me open anything.... or scan anything.... so yeah... *sighs* looks like i get to reformat the sucker in my non-existant free time....

anyways way back when ADV put out uncut season two, i'm 95% sure i got this before i got season one.... but it was a long time ago and a blur.... all i remember was it was really expensive and the most expensive show i owned at the time (considering i was 14 or 15 at the time i quickly surpasses that with haruhi season 1... but thats a story for another time)
However i look at how much it goes for now and i can't stop giggling.

This was one of the first shows i really loved.... i enjoyed dragon ball but i LOVED this.
even though some of it is cory and a lot of it (especially near the start) is badly drawn i simply adore this show.... the nostalgia goggles are glues to my head and i'm not even going to try and take them off.

so yeah... to say the least i'm excited abotu the new season/reboot/whatever it ends up being in 2013

i do own S and Super S (though they are bootlegs which made me so angry cause if you haven't guessed i try to buy everything legit you may call me a sucker but i feel i'm supporting an industry i love) and i may do reviews of them later or i may go to watch another show... haven't decided.

also new season of shows starts soon... i think the only one i'm super excited for is little busters (thats this season right?) but otherwise i'll just give everythign a shot and hope i'm not disappointed.

oh right... review..
um...the first 10-13 episodes (ein and an arc) always fet out of place to me cause they have nothing to do with the villian that is technically the villian for every season.... then i read the manga and realized it's because they weren't there originally...
it's not my favorite season (Super S is if you are curious) but i do like the episodes with Diamondo and Saphir and esmaraud quite a lit... so much character development....

anyways great show, i love it moreso cause of childhood but what can you do
i'll get my comp working eventually and post art... maybe

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