Thursday, 25 October 2012

First Impression: Fall 2012 anime season

this shouldn't be too long cause i haven;t had any time to watch the new season... but i wanna mention the things i have checked out.

all of these titles can be seen over at crunchyroll

Sword Art Online Season 2
 i really enjoyed season one and i wondered how they would set up seasn 2... i still find it hard to believe that kirito would do one specific thing but they do rightfully justify it.... i do hate his sister character... i don't care that they are cousins.... it's still creepy in my opinion...

I go on tumblr.... a lot... and there was a time where my dash was just pure Magi.... i was curious about it so i went to read the manga....
hated the one chapter i read more then words could describe.... however when i saw it was getting an anime i figured i could give it a chance.
i don't hate it as much as i hated the manga (which is funna cause it's exactly the same) but it hasn't won me over yet... it feels liek it doesn't know if it is serious or a comedy... and stop giving us shots of the slave girls behind.

My little moster
another shojo romance series.... i don;t know why i do this since it always ends in me ranting... but this one, despite the stupid unplaiusible premise, has a sense of fun... it knows it's absurd and it doesn't care... so i'll continue with this one for now.

Shin Sekai Yori (from the new world) 
 yeah..... i don't even know....... love the ending song... the art is so nice in it.....

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou 
Yeah i gave up when he woke up with a girls ass in his face.... no time for pointless stupid fan service.

Blast of Tempest
really interestign so far.... so yeah i'll continue... love the music but that endign song is a little jarring... but yeah so far i liek this show the most.

ok it's not on crunchyroll but...

Little buster
only seen one ep so far and not impressed... at all... i'm letting the season progress and hoping that watching a few in the row makes it better.

and thats it.... i really haven't been watching much but i think it's cause there isn't much that appeals to me this season *sighs* oh well... thats all i got...

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