Sunday, 14 October 2012

It's my birthday!

hm thats odd, blogger deleted all my previous stats.... well the posts are fine so thats all that matters~

So Today was pretty busy, i ended up needing to do some work but hey i wont turn down double time work.... today only pays for the button machine i want~

after work i had some tea and talked to some relatives, then i spent most of the day working on some fan art because my friends all live in a town thats no transit friendly on a sunday.

I technically didn't get any gifts today because they didn't arrive in the mail yet but i did get a lovely amethist ring from my grandmother. I am also getting a mp3 player with blue tooth (in red to boot~) and rosetta stone japanese which should be better then some of the other self learning japenese CDs.
I got myself natsume yuujinchou and pokemon white 2 cause.... why not? no way anyone would know to get it for me.

I am also probably going to read some more of a book i got on Kindle, it's really good and i'm looking forward to seeing how it all goes.

work is getting crazy but it's just a few more months.... i will endure and then i will travel!

anyways hopefulyl this posts since blogger keeps actign up : ( i like this site and i don't want to go~

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