Friday, 19 October 2012

Dropped: Kobato

So, like i said in the first impressions i gave the show 3 episodes because episodic shows can take a while to get rolling.......
what a waste of time.... I was doing other things while watching it but it still managed to piss me off.

and if you like this show that's fine, maybe if i gave it more of a chance it gets better but i just.... i can't... there are so many things i just can't get past.

so first I'll list them off and then i plan to go into a comparison of how episodic shows can be so good.

so.... why did i drop it?

1. The main character.
I hate Kobato, aside from the fact that she's a complete Mary sue who can do no wrong even as she is screwing up she also has the 'clumbsy moe' factor going, just when things are looking up she trips and oh no that poor stupid still not explained stuffed toy gets dirty and then angry. she's also really stupid
"oh but she knows nothing of the human world"
Yeah i really don't care, no one is that stupid and if they are i don't want to watch it cause it's just irritating.
also her voice, now i recognise this voice actress... she's a really good voice actress but in this.... ugh it sounds like she's shouting every line.... it's so annoying but i know the actress is better then that so it must be the direction she was given. but yeah that high pitched shouty moe voice.... it's awful and i just can't listen to it anymore.

2. The CLAMP multyverse seems to be present.
you know what? i really liked the first few volumes of Tsubasa REsivoir chrinicles.... i thought the premise was pretty kick ass.... but around the point where not fai gets turned into a vampire.... or maybe when syaoran 2 shows up i realised something..... the clamp multiverse is stupid..... it's a cool idea to have the shows interact but in execution? No.... it's really really bad... it's actually pretty broken and you know what? i don't care.... i want characters to stay in their own little universe.... i have read a lot of CLAMP but some of these characters i don't know who they are and the show expects me to.... and i just don't care....

3. three episodes in and barely any plot.
episodic shows have the huge advantage of not needing to connect directly to other episodes... in theory you can jump in at almost any point and get the plot.... this one all i know is Kobato is a stupid ditz who can't do anything wright and therefor doesn't do anything wrong and she wants to fill a bottle with mended hearts because once she does that she can go to the place she wishes for.
why do i care? honestly why would i want this annoying kid to get her way.... ok so it has something to do with her missing dad.... you know how many stories out there have missing parents? A LOT.... and do i care? depending on if i know more of the situation... which i don't... cause she wont say yet.  so it completely fails at being episodic.

so yeah those are the main reason why i'm not continuing with this show... they are all my personal opinion and i'm sure the show gets better or people wouldn't like it.... but i just can't describe how annoyed i felt when i was watching it.
Episodic shows can be done so well.
(here is where the review ends and i gush over Natsume.... you can leave if you want)

lets take Natsume's book of friends, each episode (except a few two and even a three partner) are completely stand alone.... you can jump into any episode and know that Natsume Takashi is a boy who can see things others can't and that he is trying to give back the names of demons and spirits that his grandmother took. he has a bodyguard Cat thing that seems to want him dead as much as he wants him alive and he has a few people he trust more then others.... the show is about how he lives day to day.
and it works.... yes you get ore if you watch all the episodes but you can jump in and not be horribly confused.
Kobato on the other hand i have no idea what's going on... why is the Wish bunny in the commercial break bit... why does the stuffed animal talk? why does she look human but apparently isn't.... why does she wish for things? why does she think she can help others when she can't help herself? how does one mend a broken heart? why does it look like candy? why are they so small it'll take forever to fill the bottle---- ahhhhhh make them small so you can have as many little stories as you see fit till it's all done.... it's like tsubasa's feathers all over again... dammit CLAMP you used to be so good... what the hell happened?

after seeing another review apparently it gets better in the second half..... yeah... that's nice.... i can't... i just can't... if Kobato were a more likable character... if she wasn't a Mary sue.... if she wasn't a klutzy moe girl.... if her voice didn't grate like nails on a chalkboard... then yeah i would continue... but as it stands i have too many shows i would rather watch.... and more so then anything i'm just disappointed in the whole thing.... i REALLY looked forward to this show... the art is so pretty and it almost looks like a return to more cardcaptor like style.... oh well... maybe after i rewatch natsume i'll finish rewatchign sailor moon and then back to cardcaptors cause... i need to remember the good times.

again i know i'm being unfair by giving up, please go over to crunchyroll and make your own opinion, the entire season is posted but i think only a chunk of the episodes are free right now... and if you like that show thats great, please tell me why... maybe i'll be able to push past the fact that the main character is annoying if it means a good plot later on. i really want to like this i just.... no.... not when there are so many better shows then this.
ugh i'm really sorry.... i hate giving up on stuff like this....

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