Sunday, 7 October 2012

Completed: The Blinding Knife by Brent Weeks

um... ok... i will try to make this spoiler free but i may have to spoil stuff from book 1... sorry.

also seems like my friend Marise finished this book today as well (or later yesterday... not sure) so i'll be sure to like to her spoiler tastic review at the end (i haven't read it yet cause i wanna say my own opinion)

So.... The Prism is dying, suddenly unable to draft the colour blue... considering he ca't even see it anymore.
Kip has been told the true purpose of the knife and it's tearing him up inside along with the only kind words his mother ever gave him.
and the old gods are waking up...

well isn't that just great?

The good:
This book is nice and long, it took me as long as it did only because i could only manage a few chapters each night (read as i haven't had a day off since getting the book.... but i had one today so i figured may as well finish)
This book is really well written... it's a little vulgar with some descriptions but if you have the stomach for gory details or sex scenes then it shouldn't phase you.
The plot is amazing, though i saw the major plot twists coming there was one thing..... yeah i didn't see that coming from a mile away.... i let out a scream and had to reread the page to make sure i wasn't mistaken... and then my friend Marise got to that same part and pretty much had the same reaction i did.... pretty funny.
The characters are great and pretty much get equal focus.... i just love how diverse they are and how you can see them grow.
the magic system is even better then before in the fact that we start getting into how people who are colour blind act and the possibilities of other draftable colours.
pretty much a perfect book over all... i love the style that it's written in because theres a level of humor to the seriousness and it's just great.
it's got a maaaaaaaap.... oh wait he only said to use that as a reason to buy the first one? butthis map is better...

the not so good:
with any character driven stories you are going to get some character chapters that you dislike or don't care about.... i can think of 3 BUT there is a reason revealed at the end that made me forgive it a bit more.

The Bad:
i have to wait for the next one to come out....
i hate waiting....
i waited 2 years for this and it was torture
*sobs* i want book 3 now *so greedy* but i have no choice... and i know in order for book three to be even better he has to take his time on it.
on his book tour he apparently read a chapter from it and i'm just so curious.... alas he didn't come to canada or anywhere close enough for me to travel with these stupid hours i'm working....

oh whats bad about the book? nothing....

do i recommend it? hell yes, in fact black prism ebook is on sale till the middle of october and i think you should all go buy it and give it a try.... then go read night angel trilogy while you want for book three and eventually book 4

so yeah.... go read it right now.... well read black prism first THEN read this.... *nods* go!

oh right, Marise's review: but you have been warned it 's full of spoilers.

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