Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sailor Moon -From start to finish-

so yeah... as i mentioned before Sailor moon is a show from my childhood... no matter how silly it gets i still adore it.
so i did a random sketch off some of the characters startign off with

now, i don't tend to do fan art because i can never decide to try and emulate the original style or do my own.... so i just decided to do my own and this is what i got.

so i finally had a day off from work so i decided just to get the flat colour down...... but then i just wanted to finish it so i kept working
and working and working and after a few hours i figured i was done and this was the final result

hm.... maybe i could have made the background even more sparkly....
anyways i had a ton of fun despite the fact that i avoid fan art.... i may colour the others ones eventually, i do have one more day off after all... sure it's thanksgiving but who cares?

so now i think i need to reward myself with a book~ one by the name of the intrigues of haruhi suzumiya, i wont lie i'm pretty excited to read stuff that hasn't been in the show (at least... i hope this stuff hasn't been in the show)
anyways thanks for stopping by!

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