Thursday, 18 October 2012

First impression: Kobato

Hey.... remember the 90's? yeah there was a lot of terribly tacky crap but it wasn't all bad.
Hell thats when i started watching anime.... i had no idea with was different from an american cartoon... i just knew i liked shows like Sailor moon and didn't like shows like rugrats....
There there was this one show... about a girl who comes across a magical book  containing cards which she stupidly scatters all over town.... It didn't matter that the licensing company had been putting up the episodes out of order or trying to make a supporting character the main.... it was still pretty awesome.
I remember after moving far away and going to my first convention.... i realized how closed my eyes had been.... how much more there was then the stuff on TV.... but even with the revelation i saw a volume of the second half of that shows manga and picked it up right away.

hell out of all the shows i've seen as a kid I only continue to enjoy two of them.... like i mentioned before Sailor moon and of course Cardcaptors (as it was known in english), despite having read a large chunk of CLAMPS Library Cardcaptor Sakura is still my favorite by far.... it had charm and heart and touching moments.... the supernatural element wasn't the focus it was all about Love and the many forms it takes. not to mention the art to go with the show is just so gorgeous. CLAMP at it's best... before they got into the super long (ok CCS has pretty long characters) super flat similarly designed from other series characters...

So how do Kobato compare?

ugh.... why is it so moe.... and i don't mean moe in the panty shots every two seconds why i mean it is the perfect klutsy moron way
i have only watched one episode so i'm proabbly being unfair but that's what first impressions are about. i mean this girl throws all sort s of crazy ingredients all in the wrong order into a pot and despite it looking like a painting from hell it's delicious.... oh and she can sing perfectly... and she has the not yet explained hell dog plush toy thats testing her.... so she can get a bottle to put the mended wounded hearts in.... maybe.

but yeah watching it i was surprised at how much i disliked what i was seeing.... i used to really like clamp... well... i like cardcaptors.... and i liked tsubasa till it got stupid.... and i haven't finished xXx Holic yet but i enjoyed it way more then tsubasa..... but other then that their series are just... okay.... it could be because most peopel my age only read clamp so i was surrounded by people praising it when i just didn't do it for me... not bad just not my taste (or it gets stupid by the end.... like tsubasa.... and throw Chobits into that as well)

will i keep watching?
i'm going to try and give it till end of episode 3, i hope as more things are explained and the MOE is turned down a notch that the show will improve... the animation is pretty and other then certain characters (coughkobatocough) looking like a long hair version of another character (coughsakuracough) it has some nice chracter desing... albeit very clampish (why is everyone so long?)
but i really want this to get better because after the end of tsubasa i am a little cautious with CLAMP.... oh well... rambling over....

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