Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween 12 -From Start to FInish-

so i haven't done a holiday pic in a long time... so lat night i figured... i still haev some time.
so not too much later i had this all sketched out... i was trying to go for something other then a witch at first but then i fiured she's been a witch twice i nthe past why mess with tradition...
so then i rushed through the painting..... and promptly over worked it...
I may not be terribly happy with it but boy did i have a blast experiementing with so many different techniques.

the picture unfortunately doesn't show all the variations of the colour here so it looks a little more washed out then it does it real life... yet the BG seems to pop more here... so odd....
ok i gotta get back to work i just wanted to post this since i don't tend to make the holiday picture in time~

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