Sunday, 28 October 2012

Most overrated Anime and Most disappointing Anime

so i'm going to be doing one of those listy things where i talk about my opinions on a survey of anime fans in japan

this will be long justc cause there are so many things to weigh in on so i'l try to keep my opinion short.

first: most overated anime :

1. Madoka Magica
 I liked this show, was it perfect? no... was it a breath of fresh air? yes.
I think this is in the number one spot not because it's overrated but more so because it's in the backlash stage of it's popularity.... almost all hugely sucessful things go through it.... first everyone loves it and then people get sick of it... most of the time it's people who are late to the experience and can't see why it's so hyped up.... when people talk about how great something is and your expectations are too high you are going to be dissapointed.
when i tell people to watch the show all i say is watch the first 3 episodes... if you don't like it by then then just stop.... so far that seems to have worked. i don't go on and about why the key is three episodes... that is part of the fun and if that particular point is ruined then the whole show just can't live up to it.

2. Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai
I can see why this is on the list... I mean a show about a friend who's been dead for ten years is just screaming "i'm going to make you cry" which i'm sure some see as pandering or manipulative. 
and yes theres a scene in one of the later episodes where it's like the show is just trying to make you cry wether or not is is justified... it feels incinsere but it is a very short moment.
I like this show more as a thought experiment... if you knew someone around your age who died young would you be happy to see them again after 10 years? would it be more painful knowing that you have to say goodbye to them a second time? or would it be better if you never saw them and just continued to live your life? I don't know despite that it is something i thought about LONG before this show came along... this show just made me think about it a lot more.

3. K-on!
ah sorry for getting so depressing with the last one... okay onto Kon....
yeah this show is terrible and completely overatted with bad art and bad music (except don't say lazy... that song is pretty kick ass) but yeah i blame this show for the huge surge of moe titles in the late Aughts.. is that unfair? probably but i sat through 13 episodes of this show and it's been a while since something made me so mad for being so pointless...

4. Bakemonogatari
i saw about 5 minutes of Nisemonogatari and if this show is anything like that then yeah.... it's terrible and creepy and i don't get why it's popualr

5. Oreimo
Hey nother show i only made it a few minutes into... again terrible and creepy... really really really really creepy

6. IS <Infinite Stratos>
haven't seen it so no opinion

7. Certain Magical Index/Scientific Railgun
haven't seen it so no opinion

8. Fate/zero
this show has a hard time keeping my interest.. to date i'm only 9 episodes in and i just keep gettign distracted by other shows... to be fair i'm not the biggest fan of fate/stay night either... type moon just hasn't even done something i like i guess... 

9. Steins;Gate
hm it's not a hyperlink... which is odd cuse i watched it on crunchyroll... maybe they lost the license? anyways i enjoyed the show... the music is good the art is interesting and the concept is well executed.... though that ending was a bit odd...

10. Angel Beats!
i think this show is only on the list cause of it's music... which is really good... the show itself is okay.... but nohting special...

11. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
haven't seen it no opinion... though from the art it looks a bit fanservicy for my taste

12. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
..... i like this show... i can't help it... it's clever, it's fun and i just Adore Kyon and his deadpan snark.... the books are more entertaining then the show but i still like the anime.... *ignores the endless eight arc... which is probably part of the reason it's on this list.... the other part being popularity backlash i mentioned earlier*

13. Inu x Boku SS
I had fu nwith the show but i see why it's here since overall nothing is really accomplished and it doesn't really leave an impression.

14. Ben-to
Havn't seen it so no opinion

15. The World God Only Knows
i thought this show was kinda funny, i didn't dislike anything about it other then it is incredibly silly....  but i wouldn't call it overrated... great intro songs.... (thought both are very very very long)

16. Macross F
F as in frontier? um well i haven't seen the movies at all but i love the music from the show... sure it has NOTHING to do with the original story of macross (other then protoculture and a few mention of Minmei) it was still okay... hated the ending so didn't bother with the movies...

17. (tie) Uta no Prince-sama
Thsi show is pure fanservice for the ladies... it's a hell of a lot of fun though... love 1000% love but yeah otherwise this show is stupid...

17. (tie) Mawaru-Penguindrum
Haven't seen it but with the hype i'm not surprised that it's here. 

19. Working!!
i thought this show had cute momentes and a charm... but overall pointless so i guess i see why it's here.

20. Persona 4 the ANIMATION
i like this show cause i played the game... simple as that.

21. Bleach
I think almost all shonen titles are overatted but that aside I get why this is here... i only really read the manga and 18 volumes in we were still i nthe soul society... boring~

22. Dog Days
i couldn't stand this show.... stupid names aside i just didn't get the appeal.

23. Baka and Test
.... never even heard of it... *looks into it on MAL* looks too moe for me

24. Ro-Kyu-Bu!
never heard of this either....  hm... i have a basketball anime i'm happy with so no thanks...

25. Hanasaku Iroha
 what people don't liek festing it up? the show was cute overall so i enjoyed it...

26. Aria of the bullet Scarlet
i only saw 3 eps then got bored... so yeah.... interesting concept but too much like shana for me..

27. One Piece
One piece makes me fall asleep EVERY SINGLE TIME.... i have tried to borrow it from numerous people but it just can't keep my interest...

28. Tiger & Bunny
haven't seen it but wow is this show hyped... thats kinda why i stay away...

29. Daily Lives of High School Boys
from what i've seen on tumblr this show is pretty stupid... not interested...

30. Neon Genesis Evangelion
This show should be in the top 10.... it is good but it is SO overatted.... in another list thingy i mentioned that i had friends who hyped it up as the best thing ever so when i saw it and it was just okay i was even more disappointed then if i had gone in blind.

31. Gintama
i can't sit through this show... so yeah i'd say it's overatted

32. Blue Exorcist
I really liekd this show, it was cute and funny and the music was so good... i'm kinda hopeful for more even though it felt like it ended.

33. Naruto
I  Hate naruto... this should be in the number 1 overated spot for sure...

 34. Future Diary
 i've heard of it btu haven't seen any of it... thanks to tumblr though the entire show has been spoiled for me...

35. Natsume Yuujinchou
.......... I should learn to read these lists BEFORE i start writing.
No.... just.... just no.... how can a show be overrated when no one has heard of it.... ok i'm comign at this from a north american standpoint and i know in japan it's got quite the nyanko following but for a show thast only had 1 figure and the rest are japan only or tiny trading figures.... NO.... no i refuse to call this show overated... *the list touched a nerve.... ignore the childish fangirling* oh well it's pretty far down the list so i can't complain too much..... but seriosuly no....

36. No.6
no.6 was.... strange.... and not terribly good... but huge following... so i see why it's here

37. Guitly Crown
i think this one is here simply cause of hype backlash... haven't seen it so no opinion...

38. gdgd Fairies
I made it through about 30 seconds of this show before i decided nope i have better shit to do with my time...

39. My Ordinary Life
 i just didn't get this show... i'm not a fan of comedy anime that isn't funny... maybe it gets funny later one but i just found it stupid...

40. Un-Go
I thought the idea behind this show was interesting... though i've seen only seen 3 or 4 eps...

41. Toriko
 haven't seen it... no opinion

42. Squid Girl
didn't liek the art style so didn't watch it...

43. Kimi to Boku
Saw an ep of this show and hated it....

44. Sora no Manimani
Haven';t seen it

45. Chihayafuru
I liked this show and i really hope it gets a second season... again i have a hard time seeing it as overrated since in north america no one has seen it...

46. Jewelpet
haven';t seen it but goign off the title.... not surprised that this is here... sounds liek toy marketing to me...

47. Usagi Drop
I'm surprised this isnt't higher... not because i think it's overrated but because it goes back to the thought of something potentially being manipulative... though i think Rin is quite believeable... i'm currently reading the manga which has her going to highschool soon so i look forward to new content.

48. Nurarihyon no Mago
i love the concept behind this show just hven;t had a chance to sit down and watch...

49. Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi
 I'm not a yaoi or shonen Ai fan so this show wasn;t something i enjoyed at all... it didn't help that a character is nearly raped in the start but then falls in love... again japan... thats not how love works.... it's just not...

50. Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san
never heard of it but it doesn;t look bad...

wow that wasn't short at all... ok the second list is much shorter....

Most Diappointing Anime:

1. Madoka Magica - 2016 votes
so this list is focusing mostly on how they end? hm.... i liekd madoka's ending... it's a bit of a downer but not really.... i want to see more of that aftermath...

2. K-on! - 835 votes
Not surprising considering how bad this show is *bitterness over natsume being 'overrated seeing throught? probably* like i said i only saw the first season and in that time there was no character growth so yeah... not a good show...

3. Sword Art Online - 751 votes
SAO has had it' ups and downs for me and yeah the midway ending is kinda.... yeah.... i still liked it...especially considering how they are using it in season 2

4. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED - 615 votes
not a gundam seed fan ingeneral but yeah the endign was kinda silly and nonsensical.
5. Fate/Zero - 606 votes
again only 9 eps in so cant comment on the ending

6. Lucky Star - 602 votes
this show is fun but yeah has no point so i get why it's here.... surprised it's not higher actually...

7. Bakemonogatari - 570 votes
again... hated what i saw of season two so... yeah... creepy

8. Saki - 525 votes
i think i tried to watch a bit of this but yeah... don't like the art...

9. Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere  - 504 votes
so much fanservice... fanservice almost alwasy = not a great show... if you have to rely on T&A to get views then maybe you should work on story.

10. AnoHana - 496 votes
again the endign can be potentially seen as manipulative but still... it makes me think so i like it...

11. IS <Infinite Stratos>
still haven;t seen it ~

12. Tiger & Bunny
Haven't seen but maybe the ending is why the popularity died down?

13. Neon Genesis Evangelion
The ending.... you either get or you don;t.... i think i got it but i still didn't like it....

14. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
.... ok.... which ending? are we talking about kyons ending or haruhi's ending.... or hell are we talkign about first and second season mixed? or maybe add i nthe movie? this show has too many orders... to be honest i love them all.... so yeah.... i don'tthink it was disappointing... even first season chronological order (yuki's order i guess) isn't disappointing... it's anti climatic but simple adorable...

15. Hayate the Combat Butler
I've seen some of this show and i guess it's fun but kinda tired of the tsundere character type... or is it himedere for her? i don't know... i don't like it...

16. Angel Beats!
yeah the ending was kinda out of nowhere...

17. Toradora!
haven't sene the end yet...

18. A Certain Scientific Railgun
haven't seen it...

.... no your wrong.... i think it handled it's ending really well.  mayeb the overall show didn't appeal to people? i dunno i liekd it...

 20. Minamike
haven't seen it...  so i don't care...

21. Nyarko-san
couldn't get into this show... not my kind of thing i guess...

22. Shakugan no Shana
this show got really stupid really fast so it doesn't surprise me that it's here...

23. Uta no Prince-sama
fun but stupid... again not surprised it's here at all

24. Familiar of Zero
haven't see it

25. Higurashi - When They Cry
i liek the ending... i liek hwo the show is handled... i love the non-linear story telling but i see why it's here...

26. Hyōka
haven;t seen the end yet... but the show has it's ups and downs so i get why it's here.

27. Oreimo
 yeah again... this show is too creepy for me... this should be higer on the list.

there... all done....
but seriosuly? natsume as overrated? *pouty now* i'm not saying it's the best show ever but it is my current favorite... so yeah... hit a nerve there... but something can't be overated if no one has heard of it...


  1. So what's your opinion on soccer?

    1. my opinion on soccer?
      I'm not really a fan of watching sports... I rather be out there on a team cause it just seems more fun. However with soccer anytime I have played I have hurt myself pretty badly so I can't say I'm a fan... though I think It's nice that around world cup time my friends will have these huge gatherings with family and cheer for whatever country they hail from and that just seems like a fun time.