Saturday, 20 October 2012

Sailor Chibi Moon -From start to finish-

so i finished another piece of fan art
and for once there were some changes along the way.
so the back story, i randomly drew some sailor moon fan art and that got me wanting to draw all the others.
but none were coming out the way i wanted (well i like how venus and jupiter looked but the other two weren't working) and after al ong day of work waiting for my ride i drew three chibi's. this was the last of the bunch and i was happy with it other then the fact it looks like she's fallign over cause her head is too heavy... i had a different idea in mind for the pose when i did the head so the whoel thing just ended up lopsided.... so after fixing that in photoshop i got to inking and colouring.
when i tend to colour i find the best way to make sure the colours make sense is to do a quick blocky flat colour, this is that stap after already having done the red and random bits layers... i also notice at this point i still had the whites be slightly pink.... i enventually chaned it to blue to give it more contrast.

now i have drawn Chibi Usa many a time as a kid and not once was it any good.... i have ALWAYS been bad at fan art cause i try to emulate the original style and then i end up miserable cause it looks bad.... so for this i tried to stay closer to my own style.... and even though i screwed up o nsome details (three bands o nthe gloves instead of two, colour of the heart on the choker) i am pretty happy with the final product...

and this is what i ended up with, i don't think i ocudl have made it more sparkly if i had tried.... i did that large outline forthe BG because after finishing sailor moon i found the BG to be overwhelming... i figured this may allow me to go nuts but still be tones down enough to see whats goign was originally pink but i wanted more contrast so i changed it and i think it helps is pop
anyways i think i need to paint a little... digital art is incredibly fun but i need to paint or i'll go crazy...

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