Monday, 8 October 2012

Completed: the Intrigues of Haruhi Suzumiya

um.... i think we've established that i adore this series.... so there is going to be fangirling.
TL;DR : i love these light novels and if you have any interest in the show melancholy of haruhi suzumiya then i suggest you pick these books up since i doubt we'll get a season 3 any time soon.

Ok with that out of the way.
This is the... um... 7th novel in a series of 11
and i think this is the only novel so far to not have been in the anime at all.
It is kind of like disappearance in the fact that the entire novel focuses on one major story.
The story focuses mainly on time travel (though for once it's not kyon doing the time traveling) time paradoxes and the rise of the organization that opposes the ones surround haruhi.

Is it better then disappearance? No.... That is still probably up there as one of my fav arcs, in fact the beginning of this one resolves the disappearance arc for good which is both great and a little sad.
The main reason this isn't the best arc in my eyes is due to the focus... that being said it pretty much cements certain ideas i've had about the show since day one since in all truth the titular character is not the main character of the series.

but yeah i loved the random things they go through, poor kyon would be so tired after all that i'm sure and the resolution was great.

Plus the book actually made me squeak with delight at the mention of a single line by a handsom esper boy.
and yes he sais the same line in the anime and i squeaked when he said it there too.... not quite as epic as the trump card Kyon holds but still on of the best lines in a series like this.

spoiler free is hard.... *sighs*

the good:
everything, i adore being in kyons head and he goes through these adventures.

the bad:
nothing.... ok actually there is one bad thing i can think of..... the english novels are takign too long to be realeased.... these were done being written a while back and i hate waiting.... Indignation (which i think is the next one.... not 100%) doesn't release till november
then the next is in april... then the next in september and then the next---wait.... it doesn't have a date.... which could mean it's being merged with book 10 (since they are technically part 1 and 2) or it hasn't been confirmed yet.... ugh thats a whole year away! i can't wait that long.... *sobs*

oh well... i love this series so i'll probably wait *sighs*

anyways happy thanks giving.... yes i spent my day predominantly reading.... aside from next sunday (my birthday where i may or may not be working) this is my last day off till the 10 day hiatus around christmas so i had to enjoy this time off while i could... and reading is the best way to enjoy a day of freedom *nods*
okay lets see if i can finish more drawings by end of day.

but seriously go read this series... it's so good.

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