Thursday, 20 September 2012

hey it's another list thing~

 So this list deals with 'Original Anime' apparently... i'll talk about the shows i've seen~
list can be found

1. Puella Magi Madoka Magica
I completely understand why this is number 1, this show took my by complete Surprise... i almost gave up after episode two cause it was so happy and fluffy and i was just tired of the same old shoujo crap.... then episode three and yeah.... the rest is history

2. Angel Beats!
hm.... it's okay i guess.... i didn't dislike it but number two? hm...

3. Code Geass
again it was a good show even if it's just death note with mechs and amazing music.... but still this is really high on the list.... still i guess it is/was really popular

4. AnoHana
Yeah I relly enjoyed the show, possibly cause it hit a little too close to home for comfort or maybe i just liked it cause it was a really well told story

5. Tari Tari
Ugh.... i've almost finished this show (like one or 2 eps left?) and i still don't know what i think.... mroe on that when i finish it.

6. Summer Wars
Everyone talks about two things when they talk about this
1. it's amazing
2. it's done by the same guy who did the digimon movies and is pretty much the same plot.
i haven't seen it but what i have seen looks really interesting and i love the art style

7. Hanasaku Iroha
This should be higher then Tari Tari.... and yes i only compair the two because they were done by the same animation house but seriously this show was WAY more enjoyable then Tari Tari... again more when i actually finish Tari Tari

8. Dog Days
I saw one ep of this show and hated it.... from the stupid character names to the fact that everyone had animal ears.... just not my cup of tea.... i barely tolerated it in utawarerumono (i know i probably spelt that wrong but can you blame me?) so why would i deal with it here.

9. Spirited Away
Not my fav Miyazaki movie but i see why it's on this list.... it does have a really nice score

10. Castle in the Sky
I'm 99% sure i saw this and liked it but other then the hair being shot off i do not remember.... and i wouldn't have been that young so yeah... no idea...

 11. Tsuritama
 I really need to finish this show.... i just kinda lost interest....

 12. My Neighbour Totoro
 never saw it but i hear it's good... if not kinda pointless overall

13. Princess Mononoke
Yeah.... this is my fav miyazaki film..... if only for the music.... but either way is should be higher then all the others in my opinion

14. Gurren Lagann
I loved the first 13 eps of this show.... hated the second half... but yeah.... i see why it's here as it's very original

15. Mawaru Penguindrum
Everyone talks about how good/sad this show is... i haven't seen it... maybe now that it's licensed i will...

16. Dennou Coil
Never heard of it but it looks interesting

17. s-CRY-ed
I rented the first disk of this from Blockbuster back when they were in buisness and all i remember is the intro song.... i did get the manga but yeah... it wasn't very good...

18. Senki Zesshou Symphogear
 never heard of it *check it on MAL* a big breasted mech girl show..... yeah i wont be checkign this out anytime soon.... oh is that a little harsh? sorry but i'm not a fan of fan service shows.

19. Ano Natsu de Matteru
and of course after i say that this is a show with a bit of fanservice.... argh... i enjoyed this show... apparently it has a lot of connections to please teacher and please twins but i have only seen one ep of the former so.... yeah.... still the show wasn't bad.

20. Sola
I saw this so long ago... it's the one about the vampite with the clouds on the inside of the umbrella right? well i don't think i disliked it.... but again can't really remember much.

21. Ashita no Nadja
Never heard of it but it looks adorable

22. (tie) true tears
I remember i was going to watch this show but then the licensing company (i wanna say it was bandai but i don't remember)  was going to release it in a way that was liek 1 or 2 episodes a volume but at full price.... yeah even back then i didn't like watching things illegally so i avoided this show

22. (tie) Revolutionary Girl Utena
I hear everyone talk about how good this is.... i could really care less.... i just can't get past the fact that i don't like the art.

24. Natsuiro Kiseki
 Never heard of it but it looks kinda cute

25. The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki |
I have heard of this but i haven't seen it.... i do want to.

26. (tie) Sound of the Sky
 never heard of it.... and an army show? hm.... probably wont see this any time soon

26. (tie) Noein
I've seen one or two episodes of this and despite not haveing a clue whats going on i enjoyed it.... just don't care if i ever see it again.

28. 5 Centimeters Per Second
Considering i own this i should really find a few spare minutes to watch it.... i've seen all his other stuff after all.

29. Motto! Ojamajo Doremi:
I don't get this show.... too kiddy for me i guess?

30. Jewelpet Twinkle
oh my god... my eyes... they are burning out of my skull from the cuteness.... get it away!

31. Hell Girl
I hear it's good but i haven';t seen it... it is on my list

32. Mashin Hero Wataru
wow this is old... i don't think i've seen it....

33. Kamichu!
i've heard of it but i'm in no rush to see it.

34. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (requires a pretty qualified concept of "original")
I really enjoyed this movie.... it was really really good.

35. (tie) Occult Academy
Seen 1 ep of this show... couldn't stand it... hated the art hated it's use of the music and just what little bits of plot i got.... ugh.... i may try and give it two more episodes but not likely....

35. (tie) Eden of the East
Every time i see this the style reminds me of hunny and clover so i want to see it.

37. Jinzo Konchu Kabuto Borg VxV (troll response)
troll responce cause it doesn't exist? still pretty high on the list for a fake show.

38. Fushigiboshi no Futagohime
looks a bit too cutesy for me....

39. Night Raid 1931
I want to watch this just haven't made the time.

40. Uta Kata
Again i've heard of it but no interest to see it...

41. Wish Upon the Pleiades
 A collab between gainax and subaru......
no.... i'm stayign away from that

42. A Little Snow Fairy Sugar
Show always looked too cute for me.

43. Jewelpet Sunshine
More jewelpet?

44. (tie) Science Fiction Saiyuki Starzinger (another pretty qualified "original")
Mech AND in space.... count me out

44. (tie) Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne
i think i saw a bit of this... just didn't hold my interest...

46. Princess Tutu
Ok..... um.... why isn't this number one?
hm.... why isn't this in the top ten?
i'm fully serious... yes i haven't seen half the titles there but still this is probably a contender for my all time favorite show....
 and what could be more original then a duck turning into a girl named duck who turns into princess tutu who goes arund gathering heart shards for the prince in the story for whom she can never tell that she loves....
yeah..... nothing...

47. Kowarekake no Orgel
*sniffle* this one was so cute! i really liked it.... but i thought it was based off a manga.... maybe it came after?

48. Tamayura
Never heard of it.... but it loks good

49. Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh
old mech shows.... wow styles have changed

50. Animal Detective Kiruminzoo
oh god my eyes are bleeding again....

so yeah lots of stuff i haven't seen... let alone heard of....
but seriosuly tutu at 46? thats just.... wrong... 

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