Sunday, 30 September 2012

Completed: Tari Tari

well i had a huge scare this morning where my comp wasn't workign but now it's all fixed so i decided to finish watchign tari tari.

This show is about a group of highschool students.
One who wants to sing but has terrible stage fright
another who quit the music club and doesn't seem to fit in with her new class.
a third who is the first girls friend and enjoys riding horses
a boy who's in the badmidton club thats being shut down cause he's the only member
and a boy who just tranfered from overseas and is trying to learn the culture and fit in.

This unlikely group of friends eventually join to create the Choir club andsometimes badmidton club.

and thats.... pretty much the plot in a nut shell... we go through each characters problems and by the end they have all become happier people for their experiences.

The good: 

The PA works animation is very pretty, overall the show has a very similar look to hanasaku iroha so if you liked the look of that how you'll probably like this one.
This music is pretty good, nothing too memorable but still well done.
The character arcs are not ones you always see... specifically the friend who likes horses.

The not so good:

a few things happen to fast.... the first 2 episodes should have been the entire season in my opinion... like i said before the main character has stage fright but in episode two she has pretty much completely gotten over it.... i just felt there should have been more build up BUT this is only a 12 episode show so i guess i can't be too hard on the rushed pacing.

unfortunately show show is kind of just average... still really cute and i think people should see it to make their own opinion

if you like slice of life or music based shows you probably want to check it out... it's streaming on crunchyroll

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