Sunday, 23 September 2012

From start to finish -Cave-

super creative title... i know.... *sighs*

um.... yeah i have no idea what brought this on.... just know that i probably wont do anything like it again any time soon... but who knows.

It started off with a really simple 5 min sketch
I wasn't completely happy with it so i decided to turn it intoan experimentation piece.
which turned into....
and yeah the colouring was pretty lazy i was still having fun with it.... so about an hour later it turned into...

i was honestly just goign to do the BG.... then i decided well... i've already spent an hour on it.... why not finish? oh and make it lineless cause you havent doen that in a long time...
yeah i forgot how hard lineless is.... i can do it with traditional meium fairly easily but now always digitally
still i had so much fun with this... trying to have that blue cask over everything was really hard but fun... did i succeed? maybe not but i had a blast and it was good for an experiment.

You an also find it at
Society 6

hm.... now i think my book needs reding...
oh total time? not sure... 3 hours maybe? mayeb more.... i took too many breaks to be able to tell...

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