Thursday, 13 September 2012

Completed: Natsuyuki Rendezvous

Or at least i think i have, crunchyroll says there's an episode 12... but MAL sais 11 and honestly the story is over... so yeah i'm pretty sure it's done... however if somehow i'm wrong then i'll make an adjustment to this next week.


The plot is simple enough, A man walks by a flower show and fall in love with the young shop keeper almost instant, she's cute and small and he soon finds himself buing something from the shop every day just to catch  a glimpse of her. One day she posts a want ad on her store front and next thing he knows he's working there part time.
However one day he heads up to her apartment, which is above the store, to help her out with going away party decorations.... after opening a door he sees a pale, pretty but very naked man standing in the doorway, he is asked. "do you love the manager?" but due to the shock of being greeted by a naked man the main guy leaves in a hissy fit.
Little does he realize the man is a ghost, the managers dead husband to be precise... despite being dead he still hangs around watching the manager.
The main point of the story is dealing with is it more painful to be the one who dies, or the one left behind. If a new opportunity presents itself... do you take it or does the guilt stop you?

This show is so close to being damn near perfect.... more on that later.

The good:
The art is so pretty, i just love the overall style of the show.... yeah some characters ahve larger eyes but they still feel quite real considering it's a slice of life show.
The music is good, i especially like the ending song... considering most episodes end up with me in tears tht song fits the mood perfectly.
The relationship between Rokka (the manager) and her dead husband is so well done and really really heartbreaking. It doesn't feel like it's trying to force you to cry, it's just a really happy and sweet story with an extremely tragic element.

The not so good:
Pacing is odd... i dunno i feel like a certain plot point should have happened way sooner then it did.

The bad:
Hazuki, the man Stalker who went to the flower shop every day despite being poor just to talk to her. Seriously EVERYTHING he does would trigger alarm bells. ESPECIALLY the end... in fact the way it's drawn i think he actually starts creeping out another character.... as he should.... cause he's creepy
This show would be so much better if either he had no part in it OR he wasn't portrayed as an obsessed stalker. and his relationship is supposed to be seen as cute and trying to help Rokka move on? NO!! when someone forces them self on you that is NOT something to be glorified. Yes Rokka did need to move on from the past a bit but not with someone who has such dramatic mood swings and spent most of his time stalking her and the rest of his time forcing his love on her...

why couldn't this story have been focused on Rokka and her dead husband before he died.... and yes a lot is told in flashback but i just felt like it ALL should have been told in flashback.

so yeah i really dislike the main guy and thanks to that the entire show isn't as good as it could be... and that's kind of upsetting.

but who knows.... maybe i read too much into the fact that his every though seems to be of Rokka and he gets really upset when she talks about her husband.... maybe he's not obsessed..... but you know.... i kind of doubt i'm the only one who feels like this....

Anyways should you watch it?
Only if you enjoy slice of life and you don't mind the fact that it may make you shed a tear. It's streaming for free on crunchyroll.

okay now should i get back to playign nayuta..... or re-readign black prism...
wait..... black prism came out 2 years ago...
i've only been writing these for a year.....
guess i gotta read the black prism again before blinding knife arrives on my doorstep.

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