Monday, 3 September 2012

Ys: Oath in Felghana PSP vs Steam

so about a year ago... maybe more... i beat the PSP game Oath in Felghana.
i loved it, i had only played Ys 1&2 on ds before hand (i have been informed that it was 'the bad port' but hey i beat it and enjoyed it so.... yeah) and i wasn't quite a falcom fangirl yet..... oh and i think i had beaten Legend of heroes 4/2/1 a tear of vermillion at this point as well but thats a different series. anyways i picked up the game because i had enjoyed the other ones and boy... my mind was blown.... it was so different... instead of just being a freakishly hard action rpg with an amazing.... it was a freakishly hard action rpg/platformer/bullet hell shootemup with an amazing score..... and i only played on normal and this game kicked my ass.... i can think of 3 bosses where the game actually took pity on me and lowered the difficulty so i could continue.... more on that later.

anyways a lot of time passes and Xseed annouces that they will bring the PC version of the game over to steam.
this news makes me happy because if they are bringing those games over there may be hope for other falcom PC games that haven't hit north america. 
I'm a little upset though cause i already paid for the psp version... and i beat it... and it was really hard.... but i still want to buy it and support Xseed because if these games do well it ups the chance that we will get more.
Still i held off.... until steam had their summer sale... and it was less then 5 bucks.... then i didn't care that i had already bought it. i even convinced a friend into getting it since the Ys series is fairly episodic... you can play games out of order and not miss too much other then a reference here and there.

i did play the Steam version on hard just to give myself a small challenge without throwing my usb controller across the room... .cause as i mentioned before these games are hard and i'm already terrible at video games.... i love them but i am not good at them.

So time to compair the two and see which one deserves your money more!

Whats the same?
Game play, music, bosses, level design.... as far as the basics go this is the exact same thing on both systems

Whats different

PSP has new game plus so when you beat the game you can take some points (which i think you get based on the difficulty you beat it on but i could be wrong) an put them towards being able to upgrade weapons 9 time instead of 3  or carrying over weapon levels.. or upping the amount of health you have at the start... that kind of stuff.
The PSP version is full voice acted... and in my opinion it's done fairly well.... it was a bit jarring playing the steam on and it being silent but i could still hear th lines in those characters voice.... specifically Elena and Chester... Adol gets an old narrators voice which for some reason i find it really funny.

Steam has achievements and unlockable costume for the main female character (though i couldn't get it to work.... and i don't care enough to try)
It also has a leaderboard but again i suck at games so i avoid stuff like that.
finally it doesn't have the feature where if you suck at a boss it drops the difficulty.... which sucks for someone like me but a little grinding solves that problem.... even if i had to grind to lv 56 (60 is the max) to avoid death during the final boss.... even though i had the ressurection item... *sighs* 

Which do i recommend?

The PSP game is better, some bugs are fixed and the new game plus feature is an instant win for me. HOWEVER the PSP is a dead system... no one supports it anymore so this game, being that no one has heard of falcom, is probably not going to be easy to find. so for those reason i have to recommend the Steam version since it's easy to get, it's about half if not a 3rd of the price of the psp game and really is only missing the new game plus feature.

Also did i mention how AMAZING the music is.... watch the opening video if you don't believe me. 
So yeah if you like Action Rpg you have to check this game out.
hm.... guess i need to stop procrastinating on KH3D... since i have a lot to say about that particular game.... but not till i beat it... *sighs*

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