Saturday, 8 September 2012

So japan voted on a list of shows Otaku's need to see

Pushing aside the fact that i really hate being called an Otaku (TL;DR otaku to me means someone who is so obsessed with something it effects their day to day life, it is not something to be praised... I like games, anime, manga, tabletop rpgs, fantasy novels, cinema and figures.... and simple because anime is in that list i get labeled an otaku or even worse a Weaboo? why can't i just be called a fan? why is that so hard?)

The list is posted over at crunchyroll , go check it out and see how many titles you have seen from that list and wether or not you liked them....

cause thast what i'm going to do on this blog post.... a lot of shows at the top of this list are things i wont see again so i wont be doing completed reviews on them.... so i'm using this as a chance to do small ones..... though considering how long the list is and my ability to ramble.... i doubt this will be short.

Also this is all my personal opinion, if i like a show you hate or hate a show you like i'm not saying your opinion is wrong... this is just my take on it. 

1. K-on! 
... okay so i'll be honest.... I didn't initially read the list past number one.... I HATE k-on! The fact that it is number one on this list made me want to talk about shows that others say people of the fandom should see. I haven't seen the first season so i'm only talkign about the first 13 episodes but I can't tell you how much i dislike this show.
The animation while decent has a terrible style with small hands and Moe bullshit that I personally can't stand.... i hate all the songs and for a show about a band i expect the music to be better.... i do actually like one song.......... the ending song. however K-on!'s worst offense is it's lack of character arc, plot or just overall relevance. After K-on we also go a lot more badly drawn moe anime and yeah there were a few years where i didn't like anything that was being played.... maybe the second season makes up for the moe mary sue main character? i don't care i wasted 13 episodes on it already i refuse to waste more.

2. Neon Genesis Evangelion
I understand why this show is on the list, I even agree... it's an important show to watch and make your own opinion of.  Unfortunately my good friends in highschool Adored this show and told me how good it was and eventually i sat down and watched it.... and it wasn't bad.... but when soemthing is that hyped it's hard tolive up to that expectation.... I just find it kind of forgettable.... bad? absolutely not... i just got tired of hearing how amazing it is....

3. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
I know a lot of people consider this show overrated....  I am not one of those people, i Love this series but not for Haruhi.... no i love it cause of Kyon.... in fact i prefer the novels (though the show is so pretty... even if some episodes in season two suffered from k-on hands) because you are pretty much stuck in kyons head and yeah.... i just love it.
It's smart, i 'like' all the characters and it's just fun.

4. Gintama
I tried to watch an episode of this.... it didn't catch my interest.... it wasn't bad it just isn't the type of show i tend to like

5. Puella Magi Madoka Magica
I love this show and i think anyone who is getting tired of the same shoujo bullshit should see this show.... the first two episodes nearly lost me to be honest.... all i could think was wow this is so sweet it's rotting my teeth and i am just tired of that shit...
then Episode 3
so yeah.... good show

6. Hyōka
Currently watching this so.... i'll give my opinion once it's done

7. Bakemonogatari
I think i saw an episode of the season season... and if it;s anything like the first.... then i wouldn't like it.... too creepy for me

8. A Certain Magical Index
Never even heard of this show, i don't claim to know every show out there.

9. Code Geass
oh code geass.... well i like the music...... the music is good.... i just get bored with mech anime.... this one is one of the better ones but yeah.... just not a fan of the genre as a whole... granted this really just is death note with mechs..... done better then deathnote.

10. Gundam (whole thing)
like i said before..... not a fan of mech anime, i did watch gundam seed when it was on TV.... and it seemed okay with good music but overall too silly for me. 

11. Any Key anime (such as Clannad)
Yep i agree with this entry completely, all the key anime are near the top of my fav anime list (though i don't think any of them are number 1)

12. Lucky Star
Rai how can you  hate K-on but enjoy lucky star? it's just as pointless and stupid and badly drawn
hm.... maybe cause it got a few chuckles out of me.... it's not my fav show by any stretch but i enjoy it.... in small doses.

13. Natsume Yūjin-chō
*looks at number* Crunchyroll..... you.... you got you numbering wrong..... THIS should be number one... maybe i'm just in a phase right now but i mean.... this has been my favorite shows for a while and one of a few things i fangirl over (the others being falcom games, brent week and aaron pogue novels)
This show has such heart and spirit and yeah it's not for everyone but it is so good in my opinion... and not a lot of people have heard about it and i just want to talk to others about how wonderful this show is! *sighs* ok next...

14. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
I have heard of this show, it looks very pretty... but i haven't seen it cause as far as i know there's no legal way for me to watch it and it looks a bit too fanservicy for my personal taste.

15. Detective Conan
I'm not the biggest fan of mystery but the sheer length of this show is what stops me from getting into it.... but yeah must be really good considering how long it's been going on. 

16. Dragon Ball (all of it... didn't exclude GT)
One of the first animes i saw as a child, i see why this is on the list but i'm not a fan of shonen so yeah.... good show despite it's habit of retellign the same story over and over.... godo for a laugh though....

Currently watching it at a friends house so i'll give my review once i finish

18. (tie) Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (all)
heard of the show....  just never really caught my interest so never searched it out...

18. (tie) Macross (again, not even Zero is left out)
I feel this should be higher... but i'm biased cause this is one of the only mech shows i like.... i love this show actually.... it doesn't even send me into panic attacks.... yes the animation is terrible... yes Minmei is the worst character ever.... i don't care... the story is so good.... also that intro song to the original... so epic.
funny/odd side story, when i was young i would hum a song, i didn't know what it was from but i liked the melody....
fast forward to me being 18 or so i heard the song coming from the tv, i rush into the room and check to see whats on.... macross plus.... my father owns the dvds but we never watched it.... so essentially when i was really small he would watch it on VHS and the melody just stuck with me.

20. Umineko: When They Cry (not Higurashi)
Not Higurashi? but.... but.... higurashi is better.... i can't even sit through umineko without groaning.... hm....

21. Pokemon
 I loved this show as a kid, until they got out of jhoto then it just kinda went downhill... but i still love the games.... good time

22. Doraemon
Never seen it... don't really plan to

23. Genesis of Aquarion (not Evol)
Not a mech fan.... next

24. Fate (/stay night and zero)
This show isn't bad, and i haven't seen all of zero.... but i dunno.... show is a bit overrated  but again i had peopl around me who really liked this and anything type moon (i think that's the name of the company)so yeah.... just don't care.

25. Sengoku Basara
Never heard of it but it looks good...

26. Shakugan no Shana
i do feel this show could be better.... granted i have yet to watch season 3..... but yeah.... i liked it at first but now i'm kinda bored with it.

27. Sailor Moon (all seasons)
why isn't this higher? oh well this was the other show that was my first anime experience.... i love it....

28. Death Note
I hate this show and i don't think it should be on the list... i didn't realize how much i hated it until i reviewed it but yeah.... can't stand it.

29. Certain Scientific Railgun
Another season of that show i haven't heard of? hm...

30. Bleach
I haven't watched the show but i did read up to vol 18 of the manga.... i got bored.... shonen is just boring to me most of the time

31. Ghost in the Shell
I don't get the fuss over this movie/show.... again i hate mech anime and i hate pretentious bullshit trying to be deep so.... yeah
Granted i'm probably beinga little unfair since I haven;t seen much of GITS but i don't care

32. Gurren Lagann
I like the first thirteen episodes of this show.... the second half can go screw itself because it took me forever to watch it cause i kept having panic attacks....
the reason i hate most mech anime is because it goes into space and does crazy shit there.... Gurren Lagann takes that to a new level and i just can't handle it.... it is a good show though.... i just will never watch it again.

33. Durarara!!
I just recently finished this and yeah i really enjoyed it... so much actually ordered an orihaya izaya figure.... and not just cause he's played by Hiroshi kamiya who did Natsume in natsume yuujinchou..........
though it may have played a small part in making him my favorite character of the show....

34. Rozen Maiden  (former PM Taro Aso approves)
I want to liek Rozen maiden.... maybe if it had a point or a real ending i would.... oh well it's pretty to look at.

35. Pretty Cure (all of it)
I tried to watch it.... couldn't get into it.... too cutesy i guess

36. Prince of Tennis
Not a fan of sports anime plus the main character just seems to perfect...

37. Space Battleship Yamato
Has space in the title? yeah not touching it with a ten foro pole.... i hear it's really good i just can't handle it....
side note... and i know this is bad.... i don't liek the art style.... i know he's an important artist to anime... i don't care... it's not for me.

38. SchoolDays
No.... no..... no why is this on this list....
NO..... dammit i wish i read past 1 when i started doing this cause i wanted ot make this a decent length..... but i am capable of ranting for hours on how TERRIBLE this show is.
I get that it's kind of the point but again I DON'T CARE... this show should never have been made... the main guy is such a piece of trash and just everything that happens....
No i don't wanna rant about how bad school days is..... i don't wanna talk about the fact that i don't trust recommendations from the person who  told me to watch this anymore.
I hate this show, do not go watch it unless you feel like getting angry.

39. Aim for the Top! Gunbuster
... the science episodes from gunbuster? hm... i'm going to breifly talk about gun buster.
I have seen it.... it took me nearly a week to watch the last few episodes cause i kept having to leave the room. I had to make sure after i returned it (she also lent me gurren lagann) that let her know i have an irrational fear of space.... and that's why i took forever to watch 6 episodes.
still i did like the last line of the last ep.... but i was so glad it was over at that point.
as i said in my review.
Good show..... i hated it

40. Inazuma Eleven (all)
not a fan of sports anime so i haven't checked it out....

41. Millennium Actress
I enjoyed this movie, kinda confusing but one of my favorite satoshi kon films.

42. Card Captor Sakura
It may be the answer to the life, the universe and everything but why is this so low down the list... it should sure as hell be above School days.

43. Urusei Yatsura
My friend owns all the DVDs of this show... i haven;t seen it though cause it's long.... but it looks good.

44. (tie) Sasami: Magical Girls Club
i hadn't heard of it but i recognized the art... i dunno doesn't look like something i would like...  i know i shouldn't judge a book by it's cover... but i do

44. (tie) Perfect Blue
This movie is good, i was too young when i first saw it (14 or 15) so i think that plays into a part of why i don't like it.... but it isn't bad.

wow that didn't take as long as i expected.
I am surprised i've seen as much as i have from the list. yeah i seem kinda negative but i find that what i tend to like doesn't get popular... does it mean i have bad taste? maybe.... i think it more has to do with the fact that
a) i'm a little weird and my taste jump around for no reason... i mean i say i hate mech shows but i love macross, i say i hate sports anime but i loved Chihaya furu and i am having a blast with kuroko's basketball.
b) i'm not the target audience for half the shows up there, Anime is targeted at teenage to young adult Boys.... i'm a girl trying to figure out life after graduating from college.... most of the shows up there are targeted for younger girls and i just don't like children stuff for children... i like things children can enjoy.

final note
Why is princess tutu not on this list? *sighs* or kaliedo star... or lovely complex... kodocha.. gankutsuou... kimegura Orange Road.... *sighs*
how can school days be up there but not these^ ugh!


  1. Dude. I don't disagree on a lot of them or anything(i only the ones i watch obviously) but for EVA thats kinda....
    I was going tosay you were going about it wrong. But more like your friend were going about it all wrong. The reason EVA would actually be No.1 on this list, is that it fuck your mind up so badly peoplr wont stop dabating about it even after 11 years. Telling someone it's "really good" is usually a turned off.

    1. and thats just it, Eva is good... it did a lot of really interesting things and had some incredibly deep moments.... but when your going in expecting one of the best mind blowing pieces of art because everyone around you claims thats what it is.... nothing can live up to that. and yeah i agree EVA should be number one because K-on doesn't deserve to be on this list... At least eva was trying to say something.... even if that something is confusing as all hell and like you said people will continue to talk about it 11 years later.
      also i should have mentioned that i haven't seen the new movies so maybe that will improve my overall opinion?

      ugh TL;DR: having friends that over hype good stuff sucks because it can turn something good into something mediocre cause you went in expecting too much