Thursday, 2 August 2012

completed: Total Recall... but...

I told myself i would not.... under ANY circumstances... review this film due to the conflict of interest....

However there are some things i will mention.

If you suffer from epileptic seizures do yourself a favor and miss the first 5 mins or so... i'm dead serious.... i'm perfectly fine when film use flickering but this even made me hurt.... however it's only in the very beginning.

The sets are really cool.... again i'm biased as all hell but seriously.... some of the coolest sets i've ever seen.... and you can see them being built! On the DIY network there's a show called Hollywood builders and their pilot episode shows the sets being built and all the time and effort that goes into creating the illusion of a real world. it's only airing in the US right now but it will eventually make it's way to Canada. so keep an eye out (i think there are some ways too see it online but again not sure)

Lastly.... and the most important to me.... i didn't get a credit.... which i'm kinda bummed about but not really since not a lot of people got credits... people who were way higher up... still it's disappointing.... oh well.... my IMDB page reassures me that i worked on it so it's all good.... maybe i'll get a credit on the one i'm on now.... guess i'll see in a year or so~

Total Recall hits theaters August 3rd (tomorrow)

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