Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Completed: Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy

According to the game I beat this a long time ago.... however i wanted to try most of the features before reading this.... so far the only thing i haven't done is play the multiplayer or buy the dlc.... however the pile of games is ever growing so like i said... i'm calling this one finished.

Theatrhythm: Final fantasy is an interesting concept.... Take music from the 13 main final fantasy games and turn it into a rythem game.... theres some story about rhytmia crystals and how they were scattered and playing the songs gets them back to fight the big bad but honestly who cares....

you have a party of 4 and from the start with 1 character from the main 13 games to pick from.... more being unlocked as you play (more on that later) some characters are strong some are fast and some can take a lot of hits. however none of this matters cause you're just going to pick your 4 favorites...

you level up.... for some reason.... and get items.... for some reason.... and you play 3 different types of songs.

1st type - Field songs, probably my favorite... mainly for the fact that when theres a hold button you have to move the style in a way that follows the hight of the line.

2nd type - event Music... .a movie plays in the background and you try to hit the commands at the same time as the ring..... i dislike this mode because theres no constant speed and it speeds up without warning or indication.

3rd type - Battle music - this mode has the best music and is the trickiest to read on the harder songs.... if actually final fantasy games had fight systems with these kind of elements they would be more fun.... however they can be way too easy.

actually even on the harder levels the game is too easy. the only difficulty the game has is with slide buttons because it's very picky on timing and if you're trying to do two swipes in different directions the 3ds doesn't always register it.

The chaos shrine - an area where you find randomized pairs of songs which you can trade with people via street pass - is probably the most fun part of the game.... because it cuts out Event songs and has the greatest change of getting you crystal shards to allow you to unlock more characters.

coloured crystal shards are needed to unlock characters.... they are collected at random and you have to get 8 of each colour....
it was quite a while after beating the final boss that i finally unlocked a character... and even longer after that when i finally got one i like.
this could have been done better.... see every 500 rhythmia you get a reward.... most of the time it's profiel card options.... event movies minus the notes and music to just listen to.....
yeah i don't care about any of that... the profile cards are fun at cons especially when someone has one like....
"spuny: the epitome of an amazing bard
Message: Whats a Paladin?
character: Squall"
i at least got a chuckle from it.... but otherwise i don't care.... i don't care about the random items you get... i don't care about the cards... i'd rather have new songs to actually play in game (which you do get but not for a long time) or new characters in a way that doesn't take forever.

this is the First Nintendo game ot have DLC.... i personally am not a fan of DLC as a whole... i know it has it's place but i don't care.... so i wont be talking about it here other then to say it feels like they held back on some of the better songs to charge for it. 

alright i think that's the basics of the game....

The good:
The music is, for the most part, good... you have a lot of songs to choose from and if you play a lot you will unlock even more.
the art style is really interesting and cute... theres just something so charming about it.
the controls, for the most part, work well on the 3DS... easy to pick up but hard to master on the truly difficult songs.

The not so good:
to unlock free play for a series of songs you must first play them as a set> to play that set on a more difficult level you must beat each song in free play on that difficulty... rinse and repeat.... i don't know why this bugs me.... but it's something i noticed while playing P.Diva..... i hate when games limit me to the easy modes.... i get it you want me to learn your game... that's fine.... but at least give me the option for something more challenging then normal cause i was bored for the first chunk of the game.

The bad:
again some songs felt like they were held back for the purpose of being sold as DLC... in my personal opinion....
Not enough unlockable songs overall... half the fun with rhythm games is gettign more muse frequently....
too much bullshit collectables.... the movies, cards, songs and even possibly the profile cards didn't need to be here... and i feel like it took away from the possibility of more music...
too easy.... even on the hardest difficulty the game isn't that hard..
Rhythmia.... there is no point... it's not currency you can spend to get more in game things.... it's just a counter to tell others you play this game a lot...

Would i recommend it? If you like final fantasy music then yes... go out and play this game... it's very fun and has some great music.... just be warned if you like rhythm games this one may not be as challenging as some other ones out there. but still had a good time.... i'll probably update this if i ever get to play the multiplayer.... apparently two people play the same song separately but share a health bar.... could be fun i guess?

alright i need to beat the game i picked upon a whim before getting to the game i bought not even an hour ago.... each have a connection to this game.... but not to each other.... alright off to get to work.

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