Thursday, 19 July 2012

First Impressions: Summer 2012 anime

it's been a few weeks since the summer season started and these are just my first impressions of the shows i have seen so far. (new shows only, not returning shows like space brothers or Kuroko's basketball)

Currently only watching stuff on crunchyroll since it's the easiest way for me to watch anime legally so every title i mention here can be found there.

A final note before I start, I have very specific taste so if i like something you hate or hate something you like please don't take offense, it's all just my personal opinion.

Alright~ on with the list

it's odd, two episodes in and i'm still not sure what i think, the next episode airs tomorrow so maybe that'll be the push i need to make an opinion. I will say i like the art and design though i wish it wasn't so heavy with the fan service. still so far i'm leaning towards enjoying it... i'm just not completely sure.

Sword Art Online
When i first heard of this I immediately though . hack knock off.
wow was a wrong... I knew i liked this show after the first episode. Again the art is really really nice and the music did a good job of setting the mood.... but wow that story, i really look forward to how this pans out (I hope it's a longer season cause if they try to do this in 13 [i havn't check how long it's supposed to be] it will feel rushed)

Humanity has Declined. 
... what is this i don't even....
yet i can't look away....
bread : (

Natsuyuki Rendevous
Um... all my top favorite shows are either Slice or life or Shoujo.... so yeah i really like this story, the art is interesting and it's already made me cry... which isn't that hard to do but i do use it as a judge of a good slice of life... if it can make me feel any emotion, happy or sad.... then it's done it's job.
though i will mention the main character has a few traits i really don't like... you'll know them when you see them if you watch the show.

Kokoro Connect
hm... not sure about this one either.... it has potential to be really good and an interesting premise but... i feel like it's leaning on moe and fanservice as a crutch and overall it's hurting it. Yes when you are dealing with potential gender swapping your going to get some fan service.... however some of it feel forced and just rubs me the wrong way.... gunna give this one a bit more time before i make up my mind.

La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia
I like this so far.... I like the direction it's going in and the art... the 'magic' system is pretty interesting and i always love when tarot card lore is used in an interesting way. However it could do some thing that would make me hate this show in and instant.... so i really hope they don't screw up the really interesting story they have set up.

Hakuoki Reimeiroku
Again... not sure how i feel about this show since it hasn't done much as of yet but it could be interesting.... or it could be this seasons Brave 10 which just means I watch it for the pretty boys and the music.... yeah i can occasionally be that shallow... but yeah it all depends on how they deal with the main character... could be interesting or could just get phoned in... guess i'll find out eventually.

Tari Tari
The pacing of this show feels strange... the thing that happens in episode two feels like it should have been closer to the middle of the season in my opinion. Also the characters seem a bit..... done before... the performer with stage fright.... the odd girl who has no clue how odd she is.... the music student who has given up music for some reason.... the one who is good when he tries but other doesn't care.... and the weaboo.... wait what? and yeah i didn't want to use that term.... but he is one... anyways i just feel like unless they do something really interesting with them I will probably lose interest... which is sad casue PA Works did such a pretty job animating it.

... It's just a little too silly for me... i managed to sit through half an episode and it was good just.... don't care enough to continue.... it's not bad it's just not my taste.

And that is everything, they just added the title Nakaimo - My Sister is Among Them! but i haven't had a chance to watch it yet so i may or may not add that later... we'll see. (after watching a few mins... i have a feeling i wont ake it through the episode.... who knows *sighs* )

Alright off to relax while i can cause tomorrow is another long day of doing things that really aren't my job but at least it fills the day... but at least i still have weekends.... for now.

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