Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Completed: Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Normally I have random little anecdotes about how i came across a game or past history with certain titles.....
not this one.... see this is all thanks to a good friend of mine. See he picks up everything that looks remotely interesting... a chunk of his collection is still in seran wrap cause he just doesn't have tiem to play all these games.  However he said recently he was really into Visual novel style games and first he lent me 999:Nine persons, nine hours,nine doors. but i already wrote a review on that.... (long story short it's really good and you should go play it before the sequel comes out in october)... he also lent me two others games but that doesn't add to this story.... anyways after i returned it he immediately handed me this game: Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective... and i proceeded to not play it for a good few weeks... with good reason.... i was reading a few novels and painting and starting a new job so i just didn't have time.
then a few days ago i decided time to pop it in and give this game a try.

1) why did it take me so long to hear of this games existance?
2) why did it take me so long to play it?
3) why is it so short?
4) how can it be this amazing?

um... yeah i really liked it... the style, the animation, the story, the twists (which I did see coming BUT not exactly) and that ending.... simply wonderful.

hm.... how to describe without spoilers.

You have just died (the game is called Ghost Trick so i count this as not a spoiler), it sucks and you can't change your fate, however you can change the fate of a girl who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. With your new abilities as a ghost you can manipulate objects and save a life... hell it may even help you remember who you are since being newly dead means you can't remember your past...
however you have to try and remember your past before Dawn since thats when Ghosts disappear.
You meet a colourful cast of characters in hopes of finding yourself... too bad things never that easy and the more you try to find out about yourself... the less you seem to know.

and yeah saying any more then that would be giving away the pure fun that is this game.
Seriously if you have a way to play DS games or you find this on IOS play it! it's made by Capcom who also made the point and click gem known as the Ace Attorney series. It is really good but unfortunately around 6-8 hours long and if you are good at these type of puzzles you may be able to finish even faster.

oh i should mention it's an action based point and click puzzle game / visual novel.
at least thast how it felt to me... it probably gets labeled under 'adventure game' which i guess gets the point across but i like my description better...

now to sketch my character in the art style of this game for fun... cause the art style is so cool

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