Sunday, 29 July 2012

Completed... kinda: Con Bravo 2012

I ended up working late that day and i came down with a nasty cold... most of the events i wanted to go to were on saturday so i decided not to go and save my strength.... even though i prepayed for the weekend... still health = more important then convention

Friend comes down from out of town, we train to the town the con is in, go to the improve groups show (which as usual was very funny) left early to get food.... tried to go to the channel awesome Q&A but the food took too long and where we could stand to listen we could barely hear them through the echo, though it looked like everyone was having a good time. We stood in the pre line for James Rolfe (Angry video game nerd) then it changed to the line line and finally after about an hour and a half wait i got him to sign my book and get my picture taken with him. I wished him luck cause he had about 500 more people to go through after me and after a quick tour of the dealers room we left, she stayed at my place to watch lots of different anime.

That cold i had on Friday apparently was unhappy that i tried to have fun while sick.... as the day progressed the cold continued to get worse.... having gotten the autograph i wanted (i got Doug's and Noah's last year) i decided to cut my losses and even though there were a few things i wanted to do today.... i wanna be healthy enough to survive 12 hour days at work... i also don't wanna be that one person who gets everyone sick at a con since i tend to be the victim of that one person... So i decided not to go : (

HOWEVER even though i only went the one day i had a lot of fun, i really wish they had a better convention space (aka don't have it in a holiday inn actually get a convention center... preferably one close to transit) but i understand it's quite expensive... though there were a lot of people there this year.... if only to see the Channel Awesome team and Angry Video Game nerd. I hope to go again next year i just hope that i'm not sick again or swamped with work... and that it's a little easier to get to....

also: didn't buy much, just a random steampunk necklace and 4 volumes of toradora along with 6 volumes of sailor moon. 

alright time to rest and recover so i can get some work done.

edit: since my usb 2 cord was at work i didn't get to upload the pic till tioday but tah da! the only picture i took during the con
too bad there was a big window behind him/ this was taken with my point and click not my DSLR so the quality isn't great.... but i'm still happy.... even if it shows how pale i am... and my crooked smile... and the fact that i look way younger then i am.... *sighs* yeah you probably wont be seeing any more pictures of me here.

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