Monday, 9 July 2012

About my Dragonprince Heir review

this is more of a rant so don't mind me if/when I ramble.... this is all my personal opinion but i just feel like some things need to be said.

A few weeks ago i reviewed the dragon prince heir, i liked it even though it wasn't what i was expecting.


Many of the reviews on amazon are "you didn't give me the book i wanted" or "this isn't the third book to a trilogy how dare you call it that?" or even "Wheres daven? i don't care about his son's story! i care only about daven."

This is kind of annoying since...
a) The author can write whatever he damn well wants and bitching that he didn't give you what he wanted is just childish and stupid.
This could tangent off into another rant about how people as of late have been acting like they are entitled to the world and if something minorly offends them they have the right.... nay the DUTY to scream, bitch moan and complain till they get there way. 

b) If he wants to call it the third book in his trilogy then he can... yes i felt it was more like a stand alone but it still IS a third book in a trilogy. It ties up all the loose ends and is satisfying...

yes it is told from Taryn's perspective but it is ABOUT daven. He wonders what happened to his father, how he suddenly died. He is confused dealing with characters later on think of his father in such a way, he worries about his mother and his guards and how they see his father.
We do learn about Taryn, we have to since we're in his head essentially but the worry, the thought process and his entire damn journey ALL centers around who his father was and what happened to him in the past 15 years.
Taryn is essentially the reader avatar... we know the story of how Daven became the man he was and now we wonder what happened in those 15 years we didn't get to see. we get to learn as taryn does as we see this older world through his eyes.... yes he's annoying but i feel he tries to get better through the book and as daven becomes more prevalent part of the story his character really starts to shine.

my point is it's okay not to like something as long as your reasons are valid.... but "you didn't give me what i wanted" is not a good enough reason unless you can back it up with some seriously solid points.

alright, rant over... sorry about this i just am getting tired of the internet bitching whenever they dont get exactly what they want...

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