Monday, 9 July 2012

Completed: Uncut sailor moon (season 1)

for like... the billionth time over all but only 4th time uncut. Also my timing is crazy... more on that later

anyways this is mostly my personal story with this show

Way back in the 90s I was a totally different kid... at least i think I was.... see those memories are very fuzzy for me.... anyways some things i'm pretty certain about.... i didn't like the shows my friends liked and i was (still am) on the odd side... I would make up stories by myself since my friends, due to religious reasons, couldn't play on weekends or were busy most of the weekend... and i wasn't allowed to have friends over after mostly because they had to leave by 5 and most lived which by the time i got home didn't give a lot of time.

However one day i went to a neighbors house after school and she put on a show called sailor moon. I thought it was the dumbest thing based on the intro song alone, I mean fighting evil by moonlight? winning love by daylight.... what was this piece of shit?
The of course i watched the episode.... and i LOVED it.... like a lot of other girls my age.

The problem?

it was on at 3 or 3:30 and school finished at 3:09.... and my walk back from school was about 15 mins long (damn short legs... it would probably be closer to five  to ten now lol) Still every day i rushed home to watch what i could of my favorite show.
Over time people started growing out of it... deeming it a stupid kids show...
I never grew out of it.... i never went through a phase where i refused liking it.... i had never liked the shit other kids my age liked anyways why would i start now. I didn't talk about it with others as much but my closer friend knew i liked it and didn't judge (at least not to my face)

However eventually i got annoyed... it was always the same episodes.... yeah there were a ton but i had heard stories of there being more... my neighbor who introduced me to the show either went to japan or got souvenirs from someone who went there told me of new episodes.... new sailor scouts even! one that looked like a man but was really a woman.
I didn't believe her cause she knew how gullible i was/still kinda am... but hey we all know how that one ended up...

eventually reruns stopped... pokemon started... which i also liked but not as much as sailor moon... and i stopped thinking about the show for a long while... at this point i had made a major move when suddenly back on YTV (channel for kids show in canada) there were commercials for Sailor moon S.... now this had aired back when i was small but during the day or a time when i couldn't go see it... so i missed it all. now they were airing it at 6 or something.... nothing would keep me from seeing it.

and it was better then i could have imagined...

a company known as ADV films released the first two seasons uncut which i snatched up right away.... (yeah it was expensive but nothing compared to how much it is now)

BOY was it different then i remembered. blood? violence? Death? brand new episodes? hell Serana--- erm... Usagi isn't as stupid as she is in the english version.... i mean she IS stupid but not AS stupid.....
Also that intro song! (the endings don't get good till season 2) it all just blew my mind. To this day ever few years i decide why not re watch all of sailormoon that i own...

17 years after i first saw the show and 20 years after it was first created it has now been announced that they are doing more sailor moon... a remake that follows the manga more closely? a new season? i'm pretty sure everything right now is just speculation but no matter what i look forward to it.... maybe it'll help sailor moon get out of licensing hell.... so we can get a legit boxset of S and Super S and Stars...

hmmm was there supposed to be a review in this review? oh well no big deal... if i had to say anything negative.... the ending songs.... specifically the second one.... ugh why do my ears bleed.... ok it's not that bad i just don't like it and the sound quality is pretty bad. also second intro spoils the biggest shock of the show D : what's up with that? lol
if you get a chance to legally watch Sailor moon then i say go for it... even without the nostalgia i still think it's a pretty good show

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