Saturday, 21 July 2012

Completed: The Dark Knight Rises

*half asleep*
The good:
Characters were interesting... like Cat woman's glasses/ears... .um yeah

the not so good:
Bane was really loud... like twice as loud as anything around him for seemingly no reason... it wasn't bad just distracting.
we saw it in Imax and the aspect ratio kept changing.... may sound like nit picking but it was REALLY distracting to me.
impossible physics were distracting as well.... aka Bike/helicopter-plane-cars don't work like that.... or wouldn't work like that.
omg it's so long.... really really really long... i doubt it could be much shorter.... just so long...

The bad:
again i saw it in imax where they have these reclinign seats... which is great for seeing things but TERRIBLE for trying to get out to go to the washroom.. .there is NO extra room and i actually feel like thats a little unsafe

so yeah he film over was pretty good, i'm not the biggest batman fan out there so i know next to nothing about batman... but even with my complete lack of prior knowledge i had a good time.
I mean my only bad point had to do with the theater and not the film.... so yeah

I should have waited till mornign to write this.... but i didn't wanan forget all the things I mentioned... anywasy go see it, especially if you saw the other two since i'm sure you wont be disappointed. 

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