Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Completed: The Dissociation of Haruhi Suzumiya

this is it... the penultimate novel in this series (at least in north America since book 10 and 11 are being merged here.)

I can't say much that wouldn't qualify as spoilers so i'll just say that this takes place at the start of the second year and we get to meet a few more people from kyons past.

this has bee none of my favourite novels so far so yeah... i would say give it a read, each book is pretty short so it wont take much time..

from here on out spoilers.
 cause i need to talk about things...

So at the beginning of the series kyons friend who also went to middle school with him mentions that kyon has always been around odd girls.
we finally, in the 9th volume, get to meet this odd girl.
and i adore every minute of it.
if only cause it almost outright proves my theory.

now i will say this again... i have not read the series any further then this so anything i say is speculation.

from the start i thought it would be more interesting if it was in fact Kyon who bestowed power to huruhi... not that haruhi is some god.

the book has been hinting that this is probably the case.
granted this may just be me reading too much into it but still... it's a fun idea... and until i am proven right or wrong i will continue to think it.

any time KYON thinks of something... it happens... not when haruhi thinks of something... kyon.
Haruhi will say something outloud which will then get him thinking and then it'll happen
Haruhi: you'll be able to shoot lazer beams out of that different coloured eye!
Kyon: we can't do that
haruhi: i know, we'll add it in with special effects
kyon: *in thought* good cause i mean you can't shoot lazer beams out of you eye... can you?
then guess what... she does.

or, same episode
haruhi: i wish the cheery trees were in bloom
Kyon: they can't just bloom in autumn *thinks* though it would be nice
tree are in bloom.

or how about from this book.
Kyon: you know in haruhi's speech at the start oflast year she mentioned Aliens, espers, time travellers AND sliders.
we have yet to meet a slider.... hm....
then the story splits into two parallel timelines that are both canon.

"wouldn't that make Kyon the slider?"
no... at least not in my opinion
1. he isn't travelling between the dimensions... he is not aware of both of them... he only know what he knows in that timeline.
2. when he meets his friend from middle school theres an equivalent to everyone in his group... except him... if he were the slider then that other group would have a slider like being.
3. the argument could be made that we the observer are the slider but i doubt that the case cause it's a little too meta... still we go through each timeline and dimensional shift and retain all the knowledge so it's possible thats what they were going for. still it's one of the only ways i can think of a slider working in the story cause while kyon jumps timelines a lot they never go into parallels OTHER THEN disappearance which doesn't count cause of reasons.

but still the biggest piece of evidence is that when the 'anti sos brigade' as i've heard them be called show up... they approach kyon saying that if he accepts *classified information* as the true god then it would make it so.
why would kyons approval mean a damn thing
if he were a normal person it wouldn't... but since i think he's not normal his approval of *classified information* would put the idea in his head and therefor might make it so.

also the dream sequence in this novel... very interesting and dangerous if he really is the one with the power.

the two timelines end on radically different notes... i'm curious to see how it's all wrapped up.

ONE LAST NOTE and then no more rambling about this series which i put way too much thought into.

Near the start a character goes.
"you don't like your nickname much do you kyon?"
"not really"
"whats your real name"
at this point i'm all "yes kyon, what is you real name"
then the book goes.
"i tell her the pronunciation of my name and she turns her head quizzically"
me:  . . .
"how did you get that name, is this how you spell it?"
me: . . . i just wanna know his name....
"she wrote it down correctly and i told her her the story my dad told me about how i got the name"

stupid book is such a troll... i'll just call him john smith and leave it at that.

seriously though i love this book and i'm sat that come November... i will have all my answers... and will have lost the ability to stand by my opinion if i'm wrong
though i don't think i am
i hope i'm not
i don't like being wrong...

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