Wednesday, 7 August 2013

List: best anime of the decade so far

here is the list to check it out youself

because i saw what was number one... there will be some rage... at least as much as i can give it...

isn't it a little early? i mean... it's 2013....
so really this list is "the best anime of the past three years."

Second of all
I haven't seen all the shows here, between work and finishing up college i just didn't have a lot of time for anime watching.... so i'll try not to comment on shows i haven't seen as i can't fairly judge them.

1. K-on!!
yeah... that little preamble? doesn't apply to this title.
i do not care that thousands of people voted this number one.
based on how the first season went i cannot see this show being any good.
i know... i am being completely unfair cause i refuse to waste any more of my time on this series but seriously... unless something happens (other then the girls being perfect and eatign cake [horribly animated all the mean time] and occasionally singing a [more then likely] really grating song and being just moe every frame of animation) i can't see this as being the best show of the past three years.
granted if i had unlimited power Natsume Yuujinchou 3 and 4 would be there but i doubt it's going to be there at all (havn't read the list yet)
so yeah... i haven't seen k-on!! (second season) but i feel like i gave it the time... i gave it 13 episodes.... so i have a little right to assume that in my opinion it would not be number 1...

2. A certain scientific railgun
This show looks really good... i have a friend who loves it and the second i find a legal way to watch it i will.

3. Madoka magica
Not surprised that this is so high, it's a good show but yeah i think it's startign to cool off a bit now that its formula is being copied by others shows which hope lightning will strike twice.

4. Attack on titan
haven't watched it yet.
i will once it's all out... it looked like the type of show i need to marathon cause i'm not a fan of shonen or fight heavy shows. so i'm just not going to give it the chance to let me wait.
the intro is fun though.

5. Tiger and bunny
the fandom scares me this one so i haven't watched it... maybe one day.

6. Stiens; gate
i enjoyed the show, it had a lot of interesting ideas and the music was stellar... if it were my list this would be higher.... even though it nearly gave me a panic attack when they were talking about blackholes  i still really liked the story...

7. Oreimo
i only watch 5 mins of this show cause it was just too creepy for me
i don't get the whole obsession with little sisters... and from what i hear the show doesn't go that way... i don't care... it's just... too creepy the way they act around each other...

8. Squid girl
apparently i'm not seeing the good anime... i haven't seen this hsow mostly cause it looked like a comedy anime and i don't tend to like those.

9. Girls and panzer
haven't seen this either but the concept just boggles my mind...

10. Nyarko-san another crawling.
couldn't get into this show.
i'm curious what demographic they got in the poll... cause clearly i'm not a part of  it.

11. Kuroko no basket
this would easily be top three for me... the fact that it's so low down the list makes me a little sad... but at least it's on the list
i'm actually rewatching it right now to get ready for the fall second season... should be good.

12. tantei operation milky holmes
i saw one ep of this and it was beyond stupid... just too damn moe...

13. Magi
yeah the show was fun... best ever? hmmm......
not in my opinion though it does have a large fanbase

14 Monogatari
show is creepy, dont care that it's on purpose
still icky

15 heart catch precure
havn't seen it, but i hear this series is massively popular in japan

16 SAO
no... just... no..
maybe the first arc? but as a whole? no... it's one of the worst shows ever if you count it all

17 Ano hana
i liked this show a lot but best in the past three years? not really

18. Durarara!
this should be higher... t's one of the best instances of non-linear story telling i have ever seen.

19 highschool dxd
not interested in fanservice shows...

20. psycho-pass
i know people who like it alot but i haven't seen it myself

so yeah i disagree with the list... but i understand my likes and dislikes are niche

my list would have things like:
Natsume yuujincho, kuroko no basket, steins;gate, shin sekai yori, chihayafuru, hyobu kyosuke, gargantia, Blue exorcist, Puella magi madoka magica, Blast of tempest

but no the consensus is fanservice shows... and people wonder why the market is gettign homogenized. cause people claim they want more but then just go for the same old crap as before.

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