Friday, 9 August 2013

Firefly - from start to finish -

so i've been in a mini slump and ever since i've been on pain meds for my tooth it's been impossible to draw
i believe i heard ti i nprincess tutu but it's a great saying
"stop practicing for a day and you'll notice, stop practicign for 3 and your colleagues will" true for drawing as well as ballet.

so even though i hate the sketch
i figured working on something is better then moping about
but at the same time since i wasn't happy with it i was going to use it as an experiment.

so heres the ugly sketch (or as a friend put 'interesting' which is NEVER a good term... unless you hear it in person and they actualyl mean it which does happen...)
i wanted it to be like she's floating/twirling in the sky as she floats up with al lthe fireflies
instead of got derpy... oops...

sp i brought it into paint tool sai and did some quick lineart... and i figured.. .well i don't wanna to spend a lot of time on this.... so i don't wanna isolate the layers and colour each one seperately... so i'll do a one layer with a midtone bg.
or in my case a slightly darker then midtone since a lot of the colours i was putting in were light... more contrast~

anyways... here it is.
still don't like it
but it was fun to work with less blending more more layering and 1 layers always pose neat challenges.

hopefully whatever i manage to make next gets me out of the slump... if not then more warm up/study pieces are in order.

also for fun... look at the bloby sans-lines
so yeah... it was all fun and learning more about PTS so yay~

off to take my last round of painkillers (hopefully) and maybe read more... (1 novel, 15 manga and countings.... not that manga take a long time)

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