Monday, 19 August 2013

First impressions: Mario and Luigi: Dream team

this is also my first impression of downling a full new game from the Nintendo shop.

So, truth be told, i'm not the biggest fan in the world of normal mario games.... cause i'm kinda terrible at them.
the one i got the furthest in was World.... you know... for the SNES.
though i have played 3d land and new super mario bros and... i dunno... they were fine? maybe platformers aren't my thing... i like games with story and jumping from ledge to ledge doesn't cut it?
but i do like platform elements in games... look at Ys 3: oath in felghana.... a large portion of that game is useing platforming and magic to reach new areas... and i really like it.... even that one leap of faith wirlwind jump in the cave... okay i actually hated that the first time... but still..

anyways i bring that up cause even though the mario platformers are all kinda blah to me the paper mario games were always really fun. and while the mario and luigi game is not part of the paper mario series it's got many similarities.

now, ever since i played paper mario i've felt turn based combat could really use the timed elements of attacking and dodging... it's just a little more engaging then waiting for everything to play out (i'm mostly talking about pokemon cause the TB FF games have all had the timing element with the counters for each character and that works for me)

so this game is really interesting in the way that you control the two brothers jumping individually with A&B buttons.... it adds a new dimension to the time based reactions as well as the platforming. also luigi has the ability to manipulate some of the world around him which adds another level of fun.

the story is... uh.... same old i guess... princess gets herself kidnapped, you have to save her.... but the way it's presented is different then the other platformers.
like more of the mario rpg games it doesn't seem (i say this as only being 3 hours in) that Bowser is the main enemy which is nice... the enemies seem 'different' then your average goombas but still just as stompable.

then theres the 3d.... now i almost never play in 3d and this game kinda expects you to... some of the fights use the depth of the field for either doing more damage if you can line up properly or avoiding an attack if you can stay out of harms way. luckily the 3d doesn't hurt at all and is really subtle but still.. i'm not a fan of playing with it on so it can lead to some moments of frutration when you just miss by a hair.

one negative... this game is tutorial HEAVY.
"here's a tutorial for jumping"
"here's one for opening the menu"
"see that big blue save button? here's a tutorial on how to use it!"
"not sure how to move? tutorial~"
"never picked up a game in your life? don't worry we will teach you every single thing that you could probably figure out by hitting the buttons yourself."
it's annoying... but skipable... some will get mad at you for wanting to skip but screw them... i would have been 5 hours in at this point had i listened to all of them.
i've heard it be described as baby's first RPG but honestly some of it is baby's first game.

still i love that stuff in the dream plays differently then stuff out of it... i think the story, art and humor are charming and i look forward to playing more... .once my 3ds is charged up.

thats enough about the game... now about how i got it.
everywhere around me was sold out of this game... so i thought... i have that 30 buck credit from FE and SMT IV....  so yeah... i figured why not....
(though i am annoyed that physical copies and digital copies are priced the same.... digi copies should be a little cheaper in my opinion cause of lack of owning the physical copy or having to have it in a store... i'm not saying much cheaper... just like 5 bucks or something...)
the positive: i now have more then one game on my 3ds with me.
the negative: it took a LONG time to DL.... and i mean i placed it beside my wi-fi and it still took at least 30 mins if not more...
will i do it again?
maybe? i'm kinda wishing i had done it for animal crossing cause then i could just switch to it wouldn't pulling out the cart but any other game i'd rather own the physical copy.... maybe i'm just odd that way

but yeah good times all round... i'm glad i have the option of DL digitally when the game is otherwise sold out.

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