Saturday, 31 August 2013

Angela - From start to finish -

hey it's been a while since i wrote one of these... most cause my process for the sailor mermaid chibis is litterally "i wanted to draw mermaids but i also wanna do sailor moon fan art..."
and then i did both...
and i don't tend to write these for commissions cause... what would i say? "i got paid to draw this and i had a good time"

so after my last 11 pieces being mermaids i figured i sould maybe sketch something with legs...
yay that was fun....
too bad i don't like it...
well it doesn't have legs.... or hands for that matter.... but there are wings... and i just proved i can still draw legs so........ yeah i'll work on this.

it kinda reminded me of this one off character i had back in highschool named Angela... she was mainly done cause i wanted to draw ringlettes.
then i inked it and had more fun with curls and swirls... but i still kept angelas pallet of pinks and purples.

this was really just me having too much fun with Sai... also i love when things poke out of frames... i always have so yeah... just way too much fun with this.

so yeah i hope you like it, i have another commission to work on (though probably wont get started on it till tomorrow cause my wrist is telling me it's time to rest... maybe some time for a book?)

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