Sunday, 1 September 2013

Completed: Awoken By Serra Elinsen

*can't stop laughing* dammit i had plans for this...
but nope... plans changed.

Ok first off.
I have not read much Young adult fiction... especially not 'paranormal romance' as it i apparently called.

The books i have read are:
Twilight series... all of them- probably the greatest comedy i've read in a while... i spent more time laughing at the piss poor writing and plot then actually giving a shit about what was happening, i read it cause a friend lent it to me.... and she was there while i read a little... and i turned to her and said... in my dead pan snark. "he 'sparkles'? thats a joke right?"
nope... still it was a quick and funny read.

The mortal instruments: same friend though thing time instad of lending them to me she bought me the series.
not as funny as twilight... probably cause it had more 'plot' and 'character' but still not realyl my cup of tea.... especially considering that the main conflict of the romance is that they may be related and i find that icky.
True story: One day at work my boss looked at me and said. "we need to swing by mortal instruments today"
"yeah sure" i say as i plug in numbers but then i paused. "wait... like... based off the book?"
"yeah it just finished shooting and we need to pick something up for a crew member"
"have you read it?"
"yeah i got it as a gift... i'm wondering how they'll deal with the whole love interest thing"
"why whats the hook?"
"they may or may not be siblings"

so yeah that was fun times.

then i read a third story
and i can't remember it
it was before i was doing reviews so i can't even look up the title.
i think it had something to do with eye colour and part of me feels it was kinda a one off not a full series.... but honestly i cannot remember a damn thing about it... and my memory for books tends to be really good... thats how little it left an impact on me.

and now we have this.

Um.... i kinda wanna void spoilers so.... if you know nothing of Serra elinsen just go pick up the book for your kindle... it's pretty cheap (around 5 bucks i think?)... then maybe come back and read this? i don't really want to ruin the surprised.
i'm serious.... go away.... 'spoilers' ahead...

ok.... so... part of me wants to find someone who doesn't know about Serra Elinsen and her 'Journey' of writing this book and just see what they think... cause i am more then a little biased knowing how this all came to be.
I can say without a shadow of a doubt this is probably the most competently written Young adult paranormal romance book i have read though again considering my library of YA thats not saying much... but part of me wonders if i feel it's so good cause it's pretty much a parody of the entire idea of the genre... i had a family friend lend me love bites... i made it halfway down the first page before i handed it right back to her. that was parody being self aware but really stupid....
Awoken by 'Serra Elinsen' is like a parody written in all seriousness. even though it's pretty much a joke it tried to be the best it was.
if you ever wanted Cthulhu as love interest... this is you book. (though if you a Cthulhu fanatic and love minor details and research... well.... just be warned)
that being said... i had to pause every so often to avoid bursting out laughing...
pretty much any time the word 'scorn' is uttered... i just snickered.
also i have to give 'her' props becuase while twilight made up words instead of looking at a thesaurus... Awoken took the thesaurus and tried to fit every single one of those synonyms and have it work in the story. especially true with 'Little' and 'Green'
Also.... i would love a story about Uncle Neil. like all YA stuff he's that one character who is so much more interesting then the rest of the plot and he barely gets more then a few chapters.

but yeah... as a book i can't really suggest it... unless you reading it while i'm around so i can see your reactions.... and even then i would be too busy telling you about the journey... since i think that is the more interesting story in all this.

Also you can tell 'she' REALLY likes phantom.... like a lot...  though those were some of the more amusing chapters (i mean they were all good just those ones had me rolling around laughing)

but hey, i left with a smile on my face and thats more then i could ask for... even when it got a little too... meta... it was still just the right balance.
but seriously i need to find someone who knows nothing just to see their reaction

what i didn't talk about the story?
yeah thats too bad... guess you gotta read it for yourself.

oh right... i forgot to mention this is a quick read... like... no more then 6 hours... *granted i had a fever all day so maybe even shorter then that... *

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