Sunday, 22 September 2013

completed: Poltergeist

i think this is my first time reviewing 'horror'

now i'm not a fan of horror... cause it's almost always stupid and often funny instead of scary... also it tends to be REALLY predictable.
the characters also tend to be stupid beyond belief  or they are written in a way where you dont mind if they get killed and yeah... not a fan.
so why did i watch this one?
because of Reasons

so what did i think? (as someone who doesn't really like horror)

wow that was terrible, i expected the writing and plot to be a bit better considering it was from stephen spielberg... but it was really really funny... i love the snarkyness of the ghosts... but when the 'scary' shit is happening the characters are just unrealistic about things. the effects were pretty well done, especially for the time, but yeah just the way everyone reacted to things made no sense.

chairs all show up on top of the table? just up and down and laugh instead of be freaked out.

just got through all this crap? better sleep in th house one more night cause it's all good right?

so yeah.... stupid film but really funny... i burst out laughing more then once. so yeah... go see it if you want a laugh
or if you like older horror films even though they can be a little silly you will probably enjoy this, it's just not my cup of tea.


  1. you do realize that poltergeist is considerable old and pretty outdated? There are really good horror movies out there (some also falling under the sci-fi category like Alien and The Thing)
    Poltergeist was my first horror (when I was very young) and I can admit that there are funny moments it can be pretty effective.

    1. oh yeah i know there are good horror films out there the ones i don't tend to like are the ones like this, or ones where the characters are unlikeable so you don't care when they get killed.
      I just felt in this film the parents reactions to certain things were so random and strange and it just didn't make sense and that made the film fall flat. outdated or not i still didn't enjoy it.
      (also the only reason i saw it is cause of the remake which i'm going to be forced to watch and considering the track record of remakes... well i hope they keep the comedic elements)

      i have seen the thing and i really liked it but again... i found it works better as a comedy then as a horror.
      i didn't like alien but thats more cause i don't like sci-fi
      and yeah this film has a few freaky elements and in the day i bet the effects were cutting edge but i still found it too goofy to be scared by it.
      but thats just me... horror films have never scared me so the point is lost on me from the start.