Saturday, 28 September 2013

Completed: Genshiken Second Generation

crunchyroll calls it Second season but... it's not really so i think generation works better.

i don't tend to be a fan of club focused shows. i like shows where theres i a club but it's not really what the show is about.
So genshiken being about an anime club should technically be pretty high on my "not my thing" meter.
but to tell the truth... this show has always had a sweetness and sincerity about it.

I personally was only ever in a anime club during high school and even then i could barely attend cause of needing to help out with my special needs brother. but still i did make a lot of friends through it and had a lot of fun even though it eventually turned into a room for some kids to play card games in the back while quipping sarcastic remarks occasionally...

and this show gets some of that perfectly, you have people interested in different things all coming together to have fun or just chat... and there is just a sweetness to it all. Yes the show is just a slice of life tale from the perspective of someone who tends not to be the hero but again theres something charming about it.

and this recent season was mostly girls in the club, i found this wonderful cause people seem to forget (or outright claim that its impossible) that girls can be into 'nerdy' things too. granted... i'm not a fan of how female 'nerds' tend to be portrayed. (read as i hate the yaoi fangirl stereotype) and this show... well it focuses on that stereotype but in the end it's not the point of the show, they all just happen to really enjoy yaoi.
but the point of the show is about accepting who you are, what you like and not being ashamed of any of it.
and that is wonderful. I can't even say anymore about the show then that... so i'll talk about my personal experience.

Had i not had the anime club i would be a different person.
i had always been made fun of for liking cartoons, video games and fantasy stuff, it was kid stuff and even though i've always looked younger then i am i was supposed to grow up. Also i was a girl and none of that stuff was traditionally girly (though anyone who knows me... i'm the biggest girly girl out there i just am too shy to dress the way i want to) and since it wasn't girly i was labeled as Strange.

then i moved... and joined the club and was accepted with open arms. it didn't matter that i was shy and didn't talk much, it didn't matter that i clutched my sketchbook like it was my entire life... it didn't matter that i was a girl. all that mattered was that we were all having fun. I stopped being ashamed of the fact i'm not outwardly girly and have some really nerdy habits.

so how could i not love this show? it gets the feeling of a club full of friends perfectly and how they wont give a shit about what you hobbies are no matter how normal or how out there. so yeah... go watch it... even if you never joined a anime club you will still find something to enjoy.

alright, tomorrow the last show i watched this season has it's final episode.
and i'm going to be an inconsolable crying mess...
you have been warned

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