Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Completed: The secret of kells

this is tough to talk about.

the story... i guess is about a boy growing up.
i mean theres more to it... and the growing up happens all within the last ten minutes...

so... i'll just talk about what i can.
This is probably one of the prettiest animated films i have ever seen, i would easily and without any reservations call this art. the style, the flow, the movement all works so well within that world...
yet the story is just.... it's there... it moves the art along but i don't feel it matches the art.

once in college a professor brought in a few of his oil paintings that were going to be in a show (mostly cause he needed time to finish it so why not while we are all working lol still considering he does this mesh of high realism and surrealism it was interesting to hear him talk about.
he mentioned how he wanted to do a super close eye in such detail that it would almost leap off the page.
and it did.
one problem with having 1 thing that is truly spectacular.... if everything else isn't to that level the rest can fall flat. even though the rest was decent... it wasn't up to the same level... thats kind of how i felt with this.

however i'm always happy when media intended for children doesn't talk down to them... this has some seriously dark, scary and sad moments... but there is that note of hope at the end.

i think if you like animation and want to see a really interesting and stylized take on it you really should give this a watch.

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