Monday, 2 September 2013

Dropped: Jubei-chan: the ninja girl

so way back in the long since forgotten days of highschool i had a friend who knew i liked anime.
"have you see nthat show about the girl with the heart shaped eyepatch?" she asked.
i stared at her and slowly shook my head no. "never heard of it..."

and that was the end of that convo...

so fast forward to today and i notice crunchy has added a show where a girl has a heart shaped eyepatch.... given that it was made in 1999 the time frame fits with when my friend asked about a show (give or take a year or two for localization)
so i think... if it was enough for my friend to ask me about maybe i should check it out.

... so it's a comedy anime...
... from the late 90s...
and yeah...
it's not very good...
it was 'enjoyable'
but just a little too silly for me to give it the full 13 episodes.
especially considering i feel like i'm missing out of the jokes thanks to cultural/time differences.

I did love that in the credits... the villan is played by ?
that made me laugh harder then it should of
especially considering how obvious the villan is...

and yes.... i read credits... you know... as long as they are in a language i can read.

but yeah i just wanted to tell my little story of yesteryear...
before i write my next thing which will be a vague rant about.... 'something'

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