Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Completed: Watamote... i think

this will be short.

So... "no matter how you look at it it's your guys fault i'm not popular"

dear long titles that need to be shortened... please go away.

the story of "watamote" is theres a girl who is about to start highschool and she plans to have the idealistic anime highschool years..
too bad she's got horrible anxiety, can't talk to people easily and above all else she thinks she is better then everyone else.

i really enjoyed this show BUT if you don't like watching trainwrecks then you will hate this show... especially the episode with the ants... i'm still shuddering over that one.

this does seem to be a very love it or hate it show. some people love it cause it reminds them of being awkward in highschool and how depictions of highschool are NOTHING like real high school (at least thats how it felt to me) but a lot of people hate it cause they think the show is making fun of the main character.
and to be fair... yeah... it is...
but she's kinda a horrible human being at the start and by the end we see her grow into herself a bit more.

but yeah... this show can be really to both her and the others so i get why it may not be everyones thing.

the two things that really got on my nerves were...
1. her middle school friend.
2. the episode talking about public transit.

her middle school friend is super nice and caring and even though she grew out of her awkwardness she still considers Tomoko her friend and she still likes all sorts of nerdy things.... but the instant something good happen for her tomoko is the first (and only) one to call her a bitch... it just annoyed me that she could be so mean to her friend behind her back when all the friend wants is to have you be happy as well.

the public transit episode annoyed me cause they were talking about how girls get treated on things like the subway in japan and how she wishes those things would happen to her.
no girl ever thinks "well if i get molested on the subway that means i'm pretty and popular"
to be fair when there is an incident and she's actually worried it may happen she changes her mind but she tries for the first half to play it up as something to brag about. and yeah... i took offense to that.

but otherwise it does have some funny, sweet and even heartbreaking moments.. .especially in the last few episodes.

i say i think it's done cause it kinda acted like it was done but who knows...

still i like it... the art directions neat... it's kinda painful to watch btu also very funny... the intro song is really good.
yeah just a fun little show... with a stupidly long title

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