Monday, 16 September 2013

*face palm*

i don't even know how to start this.

um... okay... so... today crunchyroll announced that it starting to show some fall things... i was suprised because were on ep 10-11 for everything so i figured it would be another 2-3 weeks before fall season started.

the title they announced was Diabolik lovers.

so first, i had a sense of dread come over me as you can tell from the art and the promo pic they used that this is a reverse harem, most likely based off an otome game, show where i guess the main draw is that she's stuck with a ton of vampires.

but hey... it's totally unfair to judge books by their cover right?
the episode is only 14 minutes long too! what do you have to lose.

my sanity apparently.

so i watch... and at first it seems neat, the character design and art is very pretty... she goes into a house and no one is there to greet her... she sees a boy on a couch nearby and goes to ask him for info... but he's not moving... and he's cold... oh shit he has no pulse.... i better call an ambulance and-- why is he on top of me? why is he licking me?

then it dawned on me.
in these games 9 times out of 10 the first one the girl meets is the main... if the 'main' is acting like this...
how bad are the others going to be?

Answer: Worse.... somehow...

as she's introduced to the others they all take their turn to jump scare and lick her... they figure out she's goign to be one of their brides like it or not and then she runs off and... and...

Japan... do we need to have another talk about love?
i get it... this is twilight with multiple edwards...
abusive relationships to the max... btu that isn't romantic...

having a guy pounce on you and lick you is not romantic
having them all threaten to eat/kill you IS NOT ROMANTIC
i mean... they are all controllign abusing asshols but one actually punches the wall hard enough to do damage...... NOT ROMANTIC
there is not a redeeming quality amoung the 6

now you may say thats unfair cause it's the first ep and they are goign to give them tragic backstories to make me pity them or some shit.
you could tell me one of them went into a river to save a litter of puppies then drowned and was turned and i still would find him the most unlikable jerk on this show... their actions in the first episode are just terribly, and extremly abusive not to mention rape-y.

so no... Diabolik lovers is not going to be somethign i suffer through... i just wanted to make it clear.... that as a girl i am so sick and tired of games/shows like this trying to explain what is love when it's abuse.
thats my issue with all this... abuse never equals love
being controlling NEVER equals love
forcing yourself on someone NEVER EVER EVER equals love
how dare you try to say otherwise

and the worst part?
people are praising it.
"what an interestign show!"
"this is really good!"
ok.... thats your opinion and thats fine but really? really? where there are other shows that are so much better this is the one you latch onto?

i'm blaiming amnesia for this.....
i blame amnesia for a lot actually...

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