Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Natsume/Kirito Figure Photoshoot.

SO... i have long since resigned myself to one truth.
i will never own a natsume yuujinchou figure cause
a) it's a niche series and although it does have figures they are prizes and only in japan
b) i'm not willing to pay ebay prices... as much as i want that one really lovely figure of him above water.... i will never spend that much on a piece of plastic that may or may not end up being a knock off.

then... one day on tumblr i cam across a post from someone who was selling there preorder of natsume eating squid at a festival... the price was around 20 bucks (thanks to shipping)
i never note people cause i'm REALLY shy but i hit that ask button so fast i'm surprised i didn't break my mouse.

now... and i know this for the future at least...
tumblr ask features SUCKS.
it doesn't allow replying back to a reply which is stupid enough as is but even worse it tends to eat messages.
half the time we were talking we were like "uh.... did you get my last thing?" or "if you don't respond i'm gunna assume your not interested" and yeah we figured it out but not without a few... frustrations.

still once we did the talking through email it got better.... anyways i paid for the thing and then it was time to wait....
i am bad at this part...
but still i waited.
and waited...
and then on the third week it arrived and i did a happy dance/realyl highpitched noise that people probably shouldn't make...

 gah this is too cute, i love his little mask... i do wish i had tanuma as well but honestly... too happy to care.
like it's a simplistic figure but it's still really cute.

and come on... look at him~

ok.... i'm fangirling... stil... this is my fav shot.
so yeah for now he is on my desk among the nendos but i'll probably fine a more special spot for him soon...
and if i go to work he is so going on my desk... and he wont be alone...
see... my friend showed me this site... .and i kinda sorta ordered 4 more Natsume yuujinchou figures from it.
the natsume and natori set (i've actually already taken a pic of the natsume in that set cause my friend found it at a con but that doesn't change the fact that i wanna own it... ) one of him stepping on water thats in a set with reiko (though eiko was sold seperately and my friend wants way more then i do so i'm letting her get it first just incase the stock is limited.) and one of natsume walking thorugh a field of stars... the pair to this is madara and yeah... it's a nice figure but i'd rather jus thave the one.
i thought about getting nastume and kogitsune but my bill was already higher then i wanted to admit.
and i may still get matoba but i gotta save up a bit (i have self imposed rules about how much i'm allowed to spend in a day/week/month)

HOWEVER.... we are not done here... normally i split these up cause... well why not...
but i also took pictures of my kirito nendroid i got a while back.
"but Kat! you really don't like SAO"
i know.... i ordered him and asuna back when i did like the show... and honestly he does have a cute design so i don't begrude owning the figure... especialyl since...well... you'll see.

 see? he's pretty cute... and he came with a facent eyes face which is how i felt after watching the show so i tried it on.

hm.... not really doing it for me... plus if i look at it wrong the potion falls out of his hand... were there are those cool sword... maybe it'll go with the grinning face?

well... yeah i guess it works... that top shot is probabyl my fav of his batch but what if i...
oh no...
oh no what have i done?

oh boy...
"Ore wa John Smith"
you know what?
i regret nothing.... and kyons gunna stay like this for a little...
at least
until i get my grubby paws on hibiki... i look forward to makign kyon wear that sweater.

so... so yeah.... this makes me way happier then it should but other then being sick as hell this really did mkae my day pretty fun.
ok.... back to rendering this commission!

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