Friday, 13 September 2013

Completed: Cardcaptor sakura... for the billionth time

and i very much enjoy gloating to my friends that i have the box set that looks like the books... cause i'm a terrible mean person.

i seriously love this show BUT.... i noticed something on this watching.

Clamp really like practically perfect in every way characters.
like.... all of them are multiskilled and quite good (though rarely the best) at what they do.
nothing wrong with it though cause EVERYONE is like that. so it balances?
i dunno i just really noticed it this time... i mean she sais she's good at math but i can only think of a handful of time where we see that... not that it matters.
oh i also noticed one of the animation directors really liked extreme close ups... which were a little odd but oh well no biggie.

no i'm not here to talk about that.
or the fact that i have written an essay on this series and how it explores almost every type of 'love' despite posing as an action show.

no i'm here to talk about Tomoyo.
Sakura's best friend who is OBSESSED with all things Sakura... she even keeps the eraser sakura lent her in a locked box.
Tomoyo really gets the short end of the stick.
this is a girl whos happiest when she's dressing up sakura and filming her but she only gets to do that so often.
but thats not whats sad.
Tomoyo is Sakura's cousin (distant cousin i think) she shares a lot of resemblance to Nadeshiko who is Sakura's mother.
now... tomoyo's mother is also obsessed with sakura and her lat mother.... so much that she forces tomoyo to keep her hair long cause she looks like her. whenever sakura is over all her attention is on her and not her daughter.
to be fair her mother loves tomoyo plenty and does everything to keep her safe (up to and including many female bodyguards) but it does feel like she was trying to remake a nadeshiko... but then when sakura (who is told she looks like nadeshiko but i don't see it) shows up tomoyo's role isn't as important.
not to mention that tomoyo loves sakura... like... actualyl loves her... but cause Sakura like Syoaran she backs off.
so lets recap, her mother makes her look a certain way so she is reminded of a dead person, her mother also cares a lot more for the dead persons daughter and she doesn't even get to be loved in return by the one she loves most.

i just laughed at how a lot of the show is "how badly can try to hurt tomoyo"
but in the end she is strong and more then a little selfless... as long as she gets to dress you up and film you doing stuff.

i love this series but i think i like the manga more... if only cause it has the best outfit (the one where she fights yue) while the show has this ugly pink thing...
though i do love the second movie... so cute... i wish the series continued on from there... it feels like that could have more story (just no clamp multiverse.... please?)

yes i am aware i'm the only person who loaths the clamp multiverse.... it's just silly...

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