Sunday, 8 September 2013

A ramble about style

Style is something all artist struggle with.
and to tell you the truth i never understood why.

Now there is no question that i do the majority of my art in what i call an "anime inspired" style.

that is to say i take characteristics from shows i like (big eyes, crazy hair, lots of colour ect.) and apply them to the majority of art i make.
however sometimes i try more simplistic approaches.
or i'll try adding more realistic elements to a very cartoony appraoch.
hell most of my studies are realism (not high realism but still more real then cartoon.)

so when people say to me "i like your style" i kinda have to look at them and ask Which one?
To me, and maybe this is just me, my style encompasses more of my experience then anything else. half the time... hell almost every time i sit down to art i don't go "this time i'll take the eyes from that last piece and the hands from this other thing cause thats my style" no i go "wouldn't it be fun to try" and if i like something i will keep it stored in the back of my mind as something to try again.

oh and quickly going back to 'anime inspired'.
people seem to forget that Anime is specifically things that were animated in japan, these being neither animated or from japan kinda excludes it from being 'anime' despite the obvious influence.
why not manga influenced then since thats static? similar argument... manga are sequential art made in japan.... and more often then not Achromatic.... therefor my stuff being stand alone and in full colour kinda excludes it but again the influence is there.

So i guess i' mtrying to say... stop trying to find your style, let your style find you.

and to be fair if there is a style you adore then please, try to imitate it, or if you get a crazy idea thats so far out of left field then just do it... do not worry abotu what others think cause in the end they do not matter... experimentation is the best way to help you better yourself as an artist. 

What i do is 'stylized' in my opinion.. heavy influence? hell yes... but it's what i find enjoyable... will it forever be my style? doubtful... even in the past year my 'style' has been all over the place. in a few years i may only do high realism... i doubt it but you never know. the point is.. .do not marry yourself to a style, do not let it hold you back and for the love of whatever deity you may (or may not) believe in stop trying to find a style.... let a style find you... let it grow from experiences... not because thats whats in at the moment.

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